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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Florida Garden and Merry Christmas Happy New Year

We are having the best weather this December in Florida!  Last year December we had a cold snap and left gardeners lots of work and brown leaves. This year, the weather in South Florida has kept at 60s and 70s, and my garden is just loving  it!

Started last week, I have been taking my year end vacation.  This vacation will be stay-home vacation.  I hosted a big party with 18 families coming to our house last Saturday.  Before that I spent some time to clean my garden, put on some fresh mulches, removed the old/dead plants, planted some winter annuals.  The garden looks lovely, at least in my eyes :)

Let me just show you some pictures of my December garden.  If you are in the winter up north, hope all these flowers can give you some warmth and colors in your cold winter days.

First, I need help to identify one new plant.  I got it from a local nursery.  The owner did not know the name either.  The next two pictures shows both flowers and leaves.  Anybody recognize it?

Update on 2/27/2012:  Autumn Belle at "My Nice Garden" identified the above plant as "Strobilanthes hamiltoniana", common name: "Chinese Rain Bell".  Thank you, Autumn Belle!!!

The following is Schaueria flavicoma, also know as common name "Golden plume".  This is a shade or partial shade shrub, and first time blooming since I got it from Flamingo Gardens Member Day in May this year.

Schaueria flavicoma
Golden plume
This is the second year that Amazon Lily bloomed for me.  This year it was early though.  Last time it bloomed in February.

Amazon Lily
Eucharis grandiflora

Two types of matchstick bromeliads are blooming.

Bought two new bromeliads recently.

Looks like this year the Christmas Cactus are on time for Christmas.  They just started opening last week. 

Kalanchoes have been in my garden for three winters, and they never failed to bloom in winter time.

My favorite red and white combinations for Christmas.

Even cordylines are in blooming...

Cordyline fruticosa 'Kiwi' 

Hawaiian Ti

I got these mums from clearance rack in bad condition, after one month of care, they rewarded me with these.  Feels so good to be a plants rescuer!

Love the color of this Aster, and it is almost done with blooming.

Cuphea melvilleaCigar Plant 

Begonia Odorata Var. Alba

My Dear Friends in the real world and the gardening world, I wish you a very
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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