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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sedum Hybrid Florida Friendly Gold: "Over-used" Plant?

Have you ever wondered that you might have over-used some plant in your garden, but you just can not stop using it anyway?  That is how I felt the usage of "Sedum hybrid Florida Friendly Gold" in my garden.

I came to know this plant first from Riverview Flower Farm's Florida Friendly Plants website.  Here is the description of this plant: "Sedum hybrid 'Florida Friendly Gold' TM is a great new plant from a European strain introduced in 2005 that has proven to be tough as nails in Florida. It takes the South Florida heat and humidity and is not bothered by cold we get in North Florida. Florida Friendly Gold stays 3 inches above the soil and spreads and stays full and lush throughout the year. It grows great in full sun and also performs well in a surprising low amount of filtered sun or partial shade and still holds that great chartreuse-gold color."

When I opened my first new flower bed in my current house, I bought a 9-pack tray of this plant from Home Depot, and have spreaded it around my garden (and my friends' gardens) since then.  Oh, how glad I am I made that purchase!

I used it as a ground cover in front of a flower bed (this is the result of three 3-inch packs planted last September):

For some reason, I have not found the right plants that can perform well in these three layer planter.  The bottom layer holds 'Trailing Lavender Lantana', and the the center of the top layer is the Petunia.  Before I could find other plants to put into this planter, I thought I just "temporarily" use the Sedum to add some color and textures.  Quickly, they spreaded like this.  Not bad looking considering I really did not design for it, huh? 

They also do a good job to fill this swan planter quickly.  The recent freeze seems have turned its color to a little reddish, but I am sure it will recover to its chartreuse-gold color pretty soon.

Here it is again with Flax Lily and Pertunia in a planter. 

They are also in my favorite froggie planter!  This is a picture taken before the January freeze we had in Florida.  Notice how the color and texture of the leaves look differently from the ones in other planters? Seems this plant did react to the weather to self-protect.  Should I care, as long as they still look beautifully, and performe well?!
I am very impressed how tough this plant is, really lives up to its promise: "tough as nails"!  One section of the plant broke and fell into this 5 inch pot when I was moving around my plants in the three layer planter.  I just let it sit there without giving any special attention.   Until one day, I noticed this pot full of Sedum in the corner.  Do you think I could just throw it away? 

No, I tucked this whole pot into one of my front porch containers.  Such bright color added!  I love how this color contrasts with the purple in Persian Shield.
Since the front porch gets shade for the most of the day, and the containers were protected during the freeze, you can again see how the leaves show differently.

To satisfy my curiosity, I took two close-up pictures to show two different kinds of textures of this plant.  The first one is located in full sun area, and got no protection from the freeze.   The color has a little reddish brown added, and the texture is more tight, fleshy succulent looking.  The second one is located in partial shaded area with freeze protection.  The texture is more weeping and skinny, and the color is close to its true color:  chartreuse-gold.

If you have this plant in your garden, do you notice the same thing as I do?

Okay, now here is the question:  Have I over-used this plant?  Why I don't feel ashamed of it?  hmm...


  1. Ami,
    Looks kinda neat. I like the picture of the Sedum and Periwinkles in the frog planter.If you like it why not use it after all your garden is to make you happy no-one else.

  2. Oh I am so happy to hear how much your little 9-pack of this sedum has spread. I just bought a 9-pack and can't wait for it to do the same in my garden. I think you have used this plant in very different ways to great advantage. Not over used at all.

  3. Sedum is like a succulent which is difficult to kill. In the tropics it becomes a weed in a short time, so we only plant them in hanging baskets. The purplish color in older leaves is their reaction to the sun, that color protects them too from burning.

  4. Ami,
    What a great post. This plant is the BEST! I don't think it's possible to overuse it. Mine did the same thing yours did in relation to color. The more exposed plantings turned that lovely burnished-red and stayed tighter while the more protected plants seemed to get an even brighter color of chartreuse. They are all wonderful ~~ no matter the color. Any plant we do not have to baby is bound to be used in many situations around here. I just bought another 9 pack of the sedum this week to use for Easter decorations. It makes a great little faux-grass. After Easter I'll plant it all out.

    Love your triple planter!

  5. Excellent!
    Actually how long does it really take to conquer the whole pot.

    I don't mind having like this as long as I have each of the plants separately and this one to spare.

    Too much of it might kill the original plant - don't know if this is true with this sedum.

    Regardless, its truly a golden beauty!

  6. This is a lovely plant. Thanks for sharing. I've never grown it, but I'm always on the lookout for tough ground-huggers.

  7. Sanddune: Yes, that flog planter is also my favorite!

    Nanak: I am sure you won't be disappointed with your nine pack. Just remember a little goes a long way :)

    Andrea: Your explaination about the color change makes sense. Thanks!

    James: To be honest I really don't know how long it takes to spread the whole pot since once I plant in, I really don't pay much attention to it until one day I notice they are all over! But my guess is a couple of months? Depending on weather too... One way to prevent it from take over your garden or pot is sticking it into a pot, and then planting the pot into the ground or another big container.

    Meems: I can see you really like this plant since you bought another 9-pack, lol! Glad that you had same observation of the color change of this plant as I do. Sedum as faux grass for easter decoration? Sounds very interesting! Do you mind posting a picture of end result? I would love to see it.

    Floridagirl: I think you would love this as groundcover, just make sure you set some barrier for it so it won't take over too much more space than you intended :)

  8. Ami,
    Here is a link to a post I did last year using it for Easter the first time.

    This year I think I might use it in tiny little clay pots at each person's place setting... we'll see how much time I have or want to devote to it. I also found some Irish moss I was thinking of using for decorations but I might be too anxious to get it in the ground before Easter. :-) Happy Day to you.

  9. Yes, this is one tough and beautiful ground hugging plant. I do like its fresh, green look. It is also interesting how it changes with lots of water and warmth it looks lush. I also like it how it developes red tips to protect it from the cold. New leaves are sometimes red to protect them from sunburn. Have you seen it flower. Very attractive with golden star flowers. After flowering I shear it back a little and from there it goes again. All the pots look great filled to the brim. The froggie pot is very cute.

  10. Meems: Thanks for the link. That was very lovely easter setting. I envy you have so much engergy devoted to do holiday decorations. If you ever decide to do it differently this year, will you do another post for it? :)

    Titania: No, I have not seen it flowering. Wonder if it is because it's a hybrid, different from what you have? Thanks for leaving a comment, it is always good to know that same plant is used across the globe :)

  11. Well, it is easy to see why it is such a popular plant where you live. It is not only beautiful, but grows easily. I do like that it does turn colors during the cold weather for some additional color interest. It looks great in containers :^)

  12. I love the froggy planter. The frogs looks so happy and alive. Your garden has lots of personal touch.

  13. I am glad you enjoy this sedum as much as I do. I have never had it become invasive to the point where I couldn't just pull it up and move it or share it with another soon to be fan. In the North, some sedums are considered invasive but this will not be the case here in Florida as it is so low to the ground that it will be shaded out by other plants unless you give it sun to grow. It will also not tolerate wet sites and crowd out wet natives or invade our ditches or the like. If anyone sees it produce seedlings I would like to know if it does. I have not seen it set seed.

  14. Noelle: I also like it in the containers better, especially when it spills over the brim.

    Autumn Belle: That frog planter is a gift from my friend. She will be very happy if I tell her this planter has received lots of compliments :)

    RICK: Thanks for stopping by and introducing this plant to us! Good to know all those extra informaiton about this plant. I have shread the sections of this plant with some of my friends, so the fans are spreading as well! No, I have not seen it either flowering or producing the seeds.

  15. Hey, when I find a good plant it usually ends up everywhere too. This plant does great in containers. I planted some last fall and it still looks great...this year I'll use it in containers.

  16. Ami, the real question is, "Who cares?" It's YOUR garden and you obviously like the sedum. I happen to love it too! The texture and color are so sweet. I have some in my garden as well.

  17. aloha ami,

    i think sedum is always the perfect foil to combine with various plants in a container, in a rock garden or even in a bed leading to other textured and beautiful plantings...theres always more room for sedum in my view, i love the yellow version especially for color combinations.

  18. I was thinking about putting in sedum and your comments and photos have convinced me to get out and do it!

  19. You have not overused it! When you find a winner...keep it!

  20. Beign for Ireland,
    I really enjoyed your post.
    It great to find out what gardeners are doing with their plants and flowers in different parts of the world.

    Aanee xxx
    flower delivery

  21. I wish I had such good luck with these. They would be perfect for certain places in the garden; if I could get them to grow. I got some(two, three? I can't remember), I put some in a big cobalt blue ceramic pot as a 'spiller' with a 'Tropicanna' canna, and a bromeliad, and a couple in a bed in the ground. In both situations they only lasted a couple of months. Maybe I should try again, maybe I will have better luck.


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