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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Favorites for the Month (February)

Simply Susan came up the idea for the favorites of the month.  Thanks Susan for the idea, and the tip to use Google Picasa to create the photo collage!

This is the very first bromeliad bloomed for me in my new garden (not counting those that were already in blooming when I purchased from the store).  It natuarally becomes one of my favorites for this month. This is a pass-along plant from my friend.  I was told that it is an ornamental pineapple, with red color, and won't grow much larger than the one in the picture except that the flower spike will be stretching taller.  Any idea what is its name?
Red and pink flowers are most appropriate to be my favorites of the February, for Valentine's Day, as well as Chinese New Year celebration.   (Dragon Wing Begonia, Petunia, Stock and Red Geranium).

Click the picture to enlarge

I can not forget those "little" flowers that have been adding interests and life to my winter garden. 

Blue Salvia has not stopped blooming since last November.  I love the pureness and the smile face of the white voila.   The dwarf chenille plant seems very happy tucked under the sago plam tree with their red fuzzy flowers.  The purslane is another non-stop bloomer in my garden.

Click the picture to enlarge

My most favorite of this month has to go to the Double Delight Rose I newly purchased this month! These are the same flower in their different stages, can you tell the order? The color changes from creame white, to red, and to crimson as the bud unfolds.

Click the picture to enlarge

I can not believe February is almost to the end...  Spring should be just around the corner now!


  1. Hello Ami,

    Your February flowers are all so beautiful. I love the little white violas...I have not seen that color before in violas. Your Double Delight rose is my favorite :^)

  2. I think this collage thing could become addicting. You've put together some beautiful ones. Seeing that gorgeous rose unfold and change color is quite unique. That could be a framed work of art.

  3. Isn't a bloom in a bromeliad a wondrous thing?!! Dragonwing begonias are also one of my favorites...every month!

  4. Hi Ami,
    You've put together some very pretty collages to display your many blooms. It's hard to pick a favorite with such a colorful variety. I like them all and happy for you that you have so many after our harsh winter.

  5. Yes, these are some of my favorites too!!! Beautiful selection!

  6. That is an ornamental pineapple alright, but i don't know what kind it is. Beautiful photo though.

  7. Hi Ami,
    I like your new rose and the way you displayed it changing colors. Nice!

  8. Glad to see you figured out Picasa...great job on the collages. They're fun aren't they? I love the rose photos...just stunning. Let's do it again next month on the 25th.

  9. I do love Double Delight. If I ever get into roses again, it will be on my "must have" list.


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