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Monday, March 29, 2010

What is Happening to My Double Delight Rose?

My Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose has been doing great since I got it in Feburary.  However, this recent week I noticed something is different ...

Here are 6 pictures showing the order in which the very first bloom unfolded.

First row from left to right: Day1 to Day3.  Second row from left to right:  Day 4 to Day 6. You can see the color changes from creamy-white, to red and then to crimson.  The color becomes deeper and deeper as the days progress.

The same cycle of color changing was also observed for the several blooms followed.

A new bloom started opening at the end of last week.  I happened taking the picture from the bud stage again.  See what is happening that is different.

Day1:  It was a rainy day.  It starts as a beautiful bud that already had intense red on the edge.

Day2:  unfolding... the outer pedals became pink.

Day3: The color was almost same as the first boom at its 3rd day.

Day 4: Changing just as expected...  Again, reflecting the similar color as the first bloom at its 4th day.  Expecting more red, or crimson shows up next day.

Day 5:  What is happening?! Where did those red go?  Whatever it is, I am LOVING this color!!!   Let's see what this will lead to...

Day 6 (today):  Go back to the normal cycle again!

Anybody knows what is happening to my Double Delight Rose on day 5? Does the recent frequent rain have some effect to it?  Any interpretion is welcome, either an educational guess or a scientific explaination!

This Double Delight Tea Rose is really giving me lots of joy!


  1. It's fascinating ... whatever it is that's happening! Such beautiful colour changes.

  2. Just checking.
    Is your background - lime green?
    Its too transparent with the white words and I can't figure out what had been written.

  3. That is one lovely rose, and the rain might have had something to do with the color change, I'm not sure.

    I can see why you love this rose, it is a beauty.

    Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. Susan: Thanks! Yes, I love put them together, looks fascinating to see how it changes the color when unfolding.

    Bernie: Yes, I am loving it! Wondering what other surprises I will see in this rose.

    Hmmm... This is concerning me. My new background has black background on the post body part, and green background outside of the post body. I am not sure why it shows for you as limegreen even on the post body section. I can see why the white words won't show on limegreen background. Just don't know why it shows differently for you.

    Would you mind trying again and let me know? Wonder if it is happening to other reader...

    Could anybody seeing this comment drop me a quick note here to let me know if you had the similar experience as James? If so, I better changing the background to something simple, althought I really love it! :)

    Flowerlady: Yes, I also thought the rain could play something here. But that cream white color on day 5 is so pretty, so I don't really care what is happening! Just my curiosity...:)

  5. Hi Ami: I looked your rose up in several books and websites, and rest assured that this is a normal colour change for the cultivar. I have a rose called Alchemyst that changes colour as its flowers mature. Others also sometimes change colour as their petals age. It's a very appealing attribute.

    I personally find white print on black background very hard to read, but that may well be just my old eyes filing a complaint. If you were having this green on white situation yesterday, it's not your fault: Blogger was having some problems yesterday and there were a number of odd things happening, including photos that didn't load, comments that wouldn't go through, etc. All seems to be well today.

  6. I do love Double Delight - it is one of my favorite rose varieties. I love it when roses do something a little different...it makes gardening more interesting :-)

  7. Yesterday Google ate the pictures on my blog, even the header. Left a polite 'Google Server Error' message. Would also prefer - dark print on light background. Doesn't have to be, Black on White. We often read blogs when we are v e r y tired.

  8. This rose is not only beautiful but intriguing and mysterious as well. Having a photographic record of the different bloom colors enables us all to appreciate this rose's uniqueness. Love it.

  9. Interesting post, your rose is similar to one I have, it changes to three colors in three days, I don’t know the name.

  10. Wow, Ami, that's incredible and strange all at the same time! Whatever is going on, I like it. You never know what to expect! A rose that keeps you on your toes!!! :)

  11. Some things are too amazing and too beautiful to question. :-) I love the new look of your blog! No problems here.

  12. Jodi: Thanks for looking my rose up in books for me! I guess I am just curious, even I know the color changing is expected, but did not know different flowers in the same plant will show some variation also. Quite intriguing.

    Jodi and Elephant's eyes: I noticed the samething yesterday when I was writing this post that blogger seems not able to show the pictures right. Hope this is the reason why some experienced issue with my new blog background. Thanks for your comments about dark background. I thought background can show the pictures more beautifully. Will see if there are any other backgrounds out there... For now, will stay with this one for a while. Thanks!

    Noelle: That is absolutely right. Surprise made gardening more interesting!

    NanaK: Thanks! Yes, the pictures and the blog is helping me greatly record my garden progress, as well as the beauty of each plant.

    mraloha1: I would love to see your rose! I bet I will love it!

    Kimberly: Incredible and strange, well said! Thanks! Oh, have to tell you, I had to look up what "keep you on your toes" mean in dictionary! English is not my first language, so I often found myself don't understand the english idioms. Thanks for teaching me one more idiom!

    FG: LOL. Sometime the analytical side of me wants to know why, but the other side just don't care as long as it is beautiful! Thanks for letting me know about my new blog background. I guess there was some glitch on blogger.com that created some issues.

  13. Hi Ami, I have a Double Delight too, that does something like this. The intensity of it's colour changes depending on the time of the season too, It's one of my faves - just a beautiful rose with a magical scent :) Heidi

  14. Im sorry to tell you that its the same just like yesterday.
    Even if it is white its still readable but this one is close to a light violet colour and Im guessing what's written on the screen.

    The black box with white words only appears on the advertising board.

    Maybe give another few days more before changing anything. Probably its only me that see this on the screen?
    How others are seeing it?

  15. Wow. That is a beautiful and interesting rose.

    The site is working fine now.

  16. Ami...Your Double Delight is quite mysterious but beautiful nonetheless. I had one of these many many years ago and it was one of my favorites. I do remember it as a really good bloomer. It's nice to have such an unpredictable bloomer...you never know what you might get. Enjoy it!

  17. Your rose pictures are lovely. I believe the color changes are due to the heat. This would be especially true if they are opening with different colors in cooler temps. Many of my roses get smaller blooms in the heat of the summer....then again, I would love to get smaller and shrink during this heat too! :)


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