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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colors for Celebration!

Today is the Independence Day in United States, and is also my first July 4th as a United States citizen. 

Here are the Red, White and Blue, the colors of American Flag,  in my garden for the celebration!

What do the colors on the American flag represent?  Here are the answers from http://wiki.answers.com/:

Red: Hardiness, Valor, Strength, and Bravery
Center: Penta
From top left clockwise: Celosia, Dragon wing begonia, Bromeliad, caladium, Jatropha,
Angel Wing Begonia, Hibiscus, CopperLeaf (Acalypha wlkesiana), amd Double Impatiens

White: Peace and Honesty

Center: Hybrid Tea Rose 'Peace'
From top left clockwise: Caladium, Crape Jasmine, Gardenia,  Begonia Odorata Var. Alba, Arabian Jasmine, Orchid, Angel's Trumpet, Needle Flower (Augusta rivalis), African Iris, Diamond Frost, and Cats' Wiskers
Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance, Justice, Truth, and Loyalty

From top left corner clock wise: Tropical Lilac, Blue Porterweed, Mealycup Sage, Persian Shield flower, blue Fox Tail Orchid, Plumbago,Verbena, Blue daze, Agapanthus africanus

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Beautiful post Ami. Congratulations on your citizenship.

    May you and your family have a lovely 4th of July also.


  2. Beautiful collages Ami! I really enjoyed reading the meanings behind the colors of our country. Happy 1st - 4th!

  3. Ami please do share with us 'your China'. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  4. Wonderful post! I really love the collages.
    And welcome to the USA! Have a great 4th!

  5. Ami you certainly have so much to celebrate this weekend and it must be so exciting to be heading over to China very soon too.

    Have an enjoyable weekend of celebrations. :) Rosie

  6. Beautiful post! My first time to visit your blog... I must come again! Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. A beautiful tribute to our great country. Those meanings stir emotions in me for our stunning flag with meanings beyond what most of our own citizens know. Congratulations on your citizenship! So happy you've joined us.

    Safe travels and do come home safely. Happy 4th!

  8. Happy Fourth of July, Ami! And congratulations on becoming a citizen! Beautiful collages! Hope you and your family are enjoying your stay in China.

  9. What a fantastic tribute to the 4th of July, and congrats on your first 4th...and wishes for many more celebrations as a citizen. I look forward to seeing pics and hearing about your China trip. My daughter is from China and we very much enjoyed visiting your homeland.

  10. btw, that's great that you're getting to reflect on this during your first fourth as a citizen. Though we sometimes tend to relegate the 4th to store sales and bbqs, I love this holiday and what it stands for.


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