"Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. " ~Lindley Karstens

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here I Present The "Oskar"

My amaryllis "Oskar" is blooming!  This is the second amaryllis in blooming out of my five newly purchased bulbs.  It already had flower stalk the time I purchased.  The first one 'Apple Blossom' bloomed about 10 days ago, and it now has faded away.

Although I wish this one also can have three or more flowers like 'Apple Blossom", I do love its rich red color.  It looks so showy in my fall garden.

This is my first time to grow amaryllis, and currently they are all in their individual containers.   I don't know if they will bloom again in the spring.  Maybe there won't be enough time for the bulbs to restore the energy for reblooming.  We shall see.  Should I plant them in the ground after they finish the flowers?

Looking forward to gain some experience of my own to grow the amaryllis...

The weather has been so nice in South Florida recently.  I enjoy the cool breeze when working in the garden at night.  Yes, I usually work in the garden at night.  With a day time job, dinner and kids homework after work, night time is my time to be in the garden, relaxing and happy.   Although I also realized that I probably should have planted more white flowers so that I can enjoy more of my garden under the moonlight.  Especially after the daylight saving time ended a couple of weeks ago, I often found myself come home in the dark.

That made the morning walks in the garden even more precious.  I managed to take some pictures of my new bloomers during some of my "quick" morning garden walks.

Well, this doesn't have the flower, but this variegated Devil's Backbone is showing its pinkish seasonal color.  I guess gardeners know more about season changes in Florida.

This double layered hibiscus is the one I started from a cutting.  This is its first bloom.    I don't know its name, and I am not the fan of the peach color.  But my camera found it quite eye catching today...

Double layered impatiens...  They love the cool weather as much as I do, and started blooming prolifically recently.  When taking the close-ups, they resemble the red rose so much.

Kalanchoes also are the cool weather bloomers.  I have three different colors of Kalanchoes, and this golden yellow double layered one is my favorite.   Ok, I guess now you know I seem love double layered flowers of any kind, although I think I also love their single versioned counterparts as well.

First helliconia flower!  With a tiny garden, I am a little afraid to grow helliconia since they tend to take up lots of space.  This one is still in the container. Anybody knows if this one could spread wider and bigger as well?

This Seemannia sylvatica (formerly Gloxinia sylvatica, 红岩桐) is a new addition to the garden.  Love its showy red-orange tubular flowers.  It is also called as Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia.

I don't have a vegetable garden, but finally I tried to grow  hyacinth beans in three containers about two months ago.  They are supposed to be the summer vegetables, but in Florida, we are lucky to have long period to grow different vegetables.  Look, it is already producing the beans!  This bean is what I loved back in China.  Stir-frying them with pork stripes taste delicious.  This experiment also adds a little more interests into my parents' daily life here.  Checking the beans every day in the garden becomes a fun part of their garden walk.

To my friends in United States, Happy Thanksgiving! 
To others, Have a good week ahead!


  1. Oh Ami ~ What wonderful bloomers you have right now. Our weather is wonderful that's for sure.

    May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yes, gardeners certainly notice more of a changing of the seasons. Your double peach hibiscus looks like 'Jane Cowell,' which I actually paid money for a couple months back. So cool that you got it for free! I also have a double pink, which is quite pretty. (I have a bit of a compulsion when it comes to buying hibiscus--don't know why as they are fraught with issues.)

    Love your 'Oskar' Amaryllis. You will be happy that you bought red as well, even though you love the 'Apple Blossom.' I'm pretty sure you can go ahead and plant them once you're done enjoying the blooms. I planted some in January last year, and they did fine. I too am curious as to whether they will bloom again or wait a whole year. I don't know why they sell forced bulbs here in Florida where we can grow them in the ground. They should at least give us both options. And why do they sell them with "Indoor Amaryllis" written on the package? I've had my "indoor" bulbs planted outside in the dirt for five years now.

    BTW, I'm still amazed that you are gardening at night! I remember when I was working full time, then coming home to kids' homework and household chores. Let's just say my gardening attempts were pitiful back then (though I did have some awesome amaryllis). You are doing a great job!

  3. Oh, my, I'm so embarrassed. It seems I've written a book in that last comment!

  4. FlowerLady: Thanks! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  5. FG: LOL. Never worry you leave "too much" of comment. I love read them! Thanks for identifying the hibiscus 'Jane Cowell' for me. Yes, I was lucky to get the cuttings of it. I also have another double red. I should post a picture of it when it has flower.

    Yes, that "Indoor Amaryllis" label made me a little hesitated when I was in the store. Then I figured that label might just for people up north :) Glad to know these "indoor" bulbs did very well for you in the garden.

    Believe me, when I said I garden in the night, it sometimes meant after 9:30 pm. My husband hangs our camping lamp on the tree for me for the light :) Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Ami, now that is a committed gardener that gardens at night under lamplight! All the hard work shows too - your garden is looking lovely. I am growing long green beans at the moment - they have a darker tip and a more rubbery texture. They seem to like the wet season and are heavy producers. I love them stir fried with mushrooms.

  7. I love amaryllis and I'm partial to the red. Yours are providing great holiday blooms. I'm glad you are able to still get out in the garden, even if it IS at night. That is funny to imagine seeing you working by the light of a camping latern. Your neighbors must wonder. But, with the light disappearing so early I certainly get it. Enjoy all your busyness and your Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe you'll be able to do some daytime gardening with a long weekend.


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