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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogger Challenge and Hooray for the Rain

I have been having issues with commenting certain blogger sites for a couple of weeks now.  I could not leave any comments on those blogs that use "Embedded below post" as Comments setting.  I read over the Internet that lots of people are having the same issue, and seems it is an issue of Blogger.  I still can leave comment if you have the comments setting as "Full page" or "Pop-up window".

Today, I finally had time to try using Google Chrome to visit those sites with "embedded below post" setting, and was able to leave comments!  Unfortunately, not every computer I use outside of the home has Google Chrome installed.  I really have missed leaving comments on my favorite blogs.  

South Florida has been in drought condition for quite a while now.  I had to hand water my garden almost everyday to keep it happy.  With a busy schedule and hot hot summer temperature, dragging the hose all over the garden really becomes chore for me.  I almost do not have much time left to actually enjoy the garden.

For the last a couple of days, finally we got some rain, not enough, but better than nothing.  Hooray for the rain!!!

Before I end this quick post, I thought I can share some of flowers in my summer garden that I have not got time to share. I did not take much pictures recently, and hope with more rain coming, my garden could look more beautiful, and I will have the desire to take lots of pictures again.

portulaca double with Red star, Caladium in containers

caladiums and ornamental sweet potato vines

Lemon Lime Warneckii

Datura metel
(Devil's trumpet)

Arabian Jasmine

Miss Muffet caladium

Sun flower


Mealycup sage and purple fountain grass
I wish more rain will come my way!


  1. Oh Ami, you have some beautiful color in your garden - I don't know what you are talking about! I love your caladiums, and have never seen that white one with the dark pink veins. You would think caladiums would grow here as our climate is quite similar to Florida, but I never quite get them to flourish. I have missed your comments, and have been using Google chrome for a while now - maybe that is when it started giving you problems. If I change the way the comment box is displayed will it then exclude the ones using chrome?

  2. AA: Thanks! Hmmm, I would thought caladiums should thrive in your area too! No, using Google chrome can access any comment setting without the issue. It was IE that had issue to access the comment with "Embedded below post" setting.

  3. It has been to hot to enjoy the gardens...lugging the garden hoses and jugs of water is not supposed to be so tiring this early in the season. Your have some great combinations here.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I love caladium, and I can never decide which one is my favorite. I love the white one with the red veining, and then I saw Miss Muffett. I've heard about the drought down there, and I wish I could send you some of the rain from Lonf Island -- and the cooler temperatures. Cheers!

  5. Ami-I've been having the same issues leaving comments.Hope blogger figures it out soon.Love your Datura.
    We finally got some rain late last nite! Yea!

  6. Oh Ami ~ What a treat to see your beautiful blooms once again and I'm glad you're able to leave comments.

    We finally got some much needed rain too, but like you said not enough, but it is better than nothing. Hand watering used to be a lot more fun when you didn't feel so stressed about having to keep up with plants that are trying to survive. It looks like everything in your gardens is doing great.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  7. Your garden looks fantastic! All that lushness and color! I'm trying some mealycup sage but my clump isn't nearly as full and impressive as yours. Love it.

    I have had trouble with commenting and even getting some blogs to load. Just tried Google Chrome to see if that helped and, yep, even the loading issue seems to be resolved. Maybe blogger is getting us all to switch our browsers by being incompatible with IE???

  8. I have had far greater problems with IE the past couple of months, as in I can't *log in* to a blog or *log out* of dashboard. Changing to Chrome fixed all of it, after weeks of trying to figure the mess out. It is very difficult though to change old habits though. I like navigating IE better! And even the appearance of my blogs has changed. Anyway, I'll make the switch. Personally, I prefer "embedded below" as you can still see the blog while commenting. But if no one comments, then what's the use? LOL Thanks for the heads up.

    Anyway, love that froggy planter as usual. In all my years of garden shopping, I've still not run across anything so adorable. If I ever do, it will come with me. Oh, and that Devil's Trumpet is just stunning!!!

  9. Darla: Thanks! Due to the water restriction, we have limited time to use sprinkle system. I don't have much time gardening after work, and now most of time needs to be used to water the plant. Hope we can get more rain soon.

  10. nittygrittydirtman: Caladium is becoming one of my favorites. I wish I can have more area for them since they requires partial shade, which my garden is lacking. I have been Stucking them in the containers to make nice combination with other plants. I wish you can send me some rain and cool weather too :)

  11. Chris: Have you tried Google chrome? It seems solved the issue, or let's say a work around.

  12. FlowerLady: I am glad that I can leave comments again! I don't mind hand watering a couple of times a week, but everyday is too much for me.

  13. NanaK: Those mealycup sage has been in my garden for about 1 and half years now. They even survived both previous winters. I think I will plant more of these in the garden.

    It is funny that I just spot-checked a couple of blog sites including yours, and surprisely found that I can comment again even with IE! I did not do anything on my side, maybe bloggers finally fixed the issue!

  14. FG: I can feel your frustration!!! For you, have been forced to stop blogging for more than a month was no fun at all.

    Hehe, that froggy planter is my favorite also, I have not found anything like this one either. This was a gift from my friend. Probably I should ask her where she got it :)

    BTW, suddenly I found out that now I can leave comment on those "embedded below" post using IE again. Maybe blogger finally decided to fix it!

  15. Hey Ami...You've got some wonderful color combo's going on in your garden. I love the lemon lime dracena...the colors are so pretty. glad to hear you're finally getting rain. Let's hope it keeps coming.

  16. Susan: We got some good amount of rain this afternoon, and my garden now looks quite happy :) Hope you also had rain this weekend.

  17. I didn't know about the comments. I'm not sure how I have mine set up, I'll have to check and see. I can sympathize with you re the drought. We're in the middle of a serious drought here in Texas too. We're starting to get grass fires popping up around, which is rather scary to hear about. Congratulations on your rain shower. I wish we could get some rain too.


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