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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Garden

With a two-week vacation, and very hot humid weather we have been experiencing in South Florida, my gardening time has been cut to the minimum in July. 

Fortunately, there are lots of plants in my garden love this weather much better than the gardener.

This south east garden corner of my backyard is in a full sun area.  Various agaves, bulbine plants, yellow allamanda, black and blue salvia, red ornamantal pineapple thrive by their own without much help from me.


This narrow stripe of flower bed is located at the south side of the backyard, and also in the full sun.  Three rose bushes were situated in this bed, including ‘Belinda’s Dream’ and other two hybrid tea roses.  Other plants include zinnias, pentas, bulbine plants, bromeliads around the Christmas palm tree base, purple fountain grass, flax lilies, marigolds, dusty miller, mealy cup sage and Artillery Fern.


Remember my post “Singing The Zinnia Song” ?   They are now growing everywhere in my full sun flowerbeds, and they almost reach to four to five feet tall!  Look at all these colorful big flowers! I almost think they look like roses in distant, only without the fragrance.


All my three ‘Orange Marmalade Crossandras’ are now blooming, and pups are growing from their bases too. 


More American Elegans Zinnias are growing in this west side flowerbed.


‘Miss Muffet’ caladiums and bromeliads in a shady corner of this same flower bed.



Ground orchids this year are a little late than last year.  Although the leaves are growing healthy and full, but the flowers are not as prolific as last year.   Hopefully I can see their outstanding performance in the next a couple of months.

I have three different colors of Siam Tulips, white, light pink and deep pink.  This is the second year I have them in my garden.  One of the clumps might not be in its optimum location.  I need to relocate it to a shady area after they finish blooming.


I was very surprised to find out several of my roses were actually doing great, and even blooming when I came back from the vacation in the middle of July.

Below is ‘Josephine Land’ which was brought home unplanned.  I went to that nursery to expect they had “Belinda’s Dream” for sale early this year, only found out it was sold out.  The owner then recommended me ‘Josephine Land’ for its fragrance.  It does have nice fragrance, but very light.  However, look at her, blooming in the middle of Florida Summer, no black spots to spray, I think this one might have longer life in my garden compared to other roses I had.


For some reason, I have not had much good luck to grow Agapathus (African Lily) in my garden.  Believe it or not, this is the only flower scrape I got out of six Agapathus I have, and it did not bloom until July.   They seem to be such easy plants for all other Florida gardeners.    hmmm…. 


This plumbago started taking off this summer since I bought it in one gallon size last year.  Love love to look at its sky-blue color, soothing in this hot summer.

August is expected to be another hot month for us Florida Gardeners.  I will continue spend more time indoor.   I am glad that at least my previous efforts paid off, so that now I can enjoy my garden from my air-conditioned house . 

Stay cool, my friends!


  1. Hi Ami,
    The July garden will really take over even when the gardener is not watching. Yours is looking so full of flowers and foliage. I enjoy seeing how you've planted out each area of the sunny corners and tucked a few things into the shady spots. You are right about the heat in August... try to stay cool.

  2. Oh Ami ~ Your gardens are so wonderful, full of colorful, lush and happy plants in spite of the heat and humidity. You've done a wonderful job.


  3. Your gardens look great--some plants do better without our hovering don't they? Hope you are keeping an eye on the tropics.

  4. Ha, Ami! Yes, I see what you mean. We are both a bit behind, huh? And I see you have opened up your post with Allamanda as well. : )

    I too don't have the luck other gardeners have with Agapanthus. I think that plant is picky about its location...perfect drainage I think might be necessary. I've had a few flail and a couple outright die, and I think too much moisture might be the problem. Not sure, though. They surely are thriving at Six Acres in that sugar sand. And good drainage seems to be the factor with the 3 or 4 that are thriving here at PITV.

    Ugh. Now I have 'Josephine Land' envy. That is one stunning rose...and Florida tough too!

  5. So much wonderful "eye candy" that I don't even know where to begin. Love the blue/yellow combo. The sweet potato vine overflowing the bed is beautiful...as are all of your garden beds and color combinations. You've really got the hang of gardening in Florida in a short period of time.

  6. Wow, your garden is looking wonderful in this hot, humid weather. I'm amazed the roses are doing so well. Everything looks beautiful.

  7. Oh my, those zinnias are beautiful and even the leaves look happy. Josephine Land is such a delicate shade of pink. She is just beautiful. I see your Belinda's Dream blooming in that bed. It's amazing how certain roses will bloom in spite of the heat. I don't want to forget to mention your pathways look great. I really like the look of the gravel with the stones. Unfortunately, I can't copy that because of all the oak leaves in my garden. But they sure look good in yours!

  8. Ami-your garden is outstanding.I don't have much luck with agapanthus either.Nor,can I grow zinnias.I guess we all have plants that excel in our gardens.And others that don't.You've done well.Congratulations!

  9. Those siam tulips really seem to like your garden! I'm giving them a try this year since the hidden ginger does so well for me... maybe they'll take off too! I just have the white ones for the moment but the other ones are calling my name now...


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