"Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. " ~Lindley Karstens

Monday, February 13, 2012

More Day Lilies Blooming and a Long Over-due Project

Two more daylilies are blooming in the garden.  They were planted at the end of last October as bare root fans, which I ordered from smokeysdaylilygardens.com.


(Evergreen, early-mid, rebloomer, 4" flower, 19" scape height, white/cream, Ruffled, fragrant, recurved)


(Evergreen, early, rebloomer, 3.5" flower, 20" scape height, pink/rose, Ruffled, extended bloomer, very fragrant)

I wish these daylilies can thrive in my garden for many years coming!

Now here is an over-due update of a loooong over-due garden project.  (Can you hear the word "procrastination" whispering in the air?)

In August 2010 August, we started building a path on the west side of house and back yard to replace a muddy grass area.  You can see how it looked then here.  It was just a path with grasses removed, and layered with weed block clothes, plus the pea sized gravels.

Later, we added the step stones (you can see the picture in this post). We were then looking for bigger sized stones to lay on the top of pea gravels to level with stepping stones to finish the job, but never got time to do so.

During the recent Christmas holidays, DH and I had a couple of weeks off the work.  We finally found a local landscape place had the river stones for sale,  just what we were looking for!  After dumping 40+ bags of river stones, now the path finally had a finished look.

This is the portion of the path at the west side of the house, looking towards the South (backyard).

Now looking from the back yard towards the North (front of the house) of the same path.

Zooming out more in the same direction (towards North).  The majority part of the path shown in the picture now is in the backyard, west flower bed.

Now turn around to look the other direction (towards further south, lake side) of the west side. The portion with four stepping stones were just created this past Christmas by removing the grass there.  Now the whole west side along the house includes only flower beds and stone path, no grass at all. 

I am really enjoying the soothing and tranquil feeling of this new river stone path gives.

On the east side of the back yard, there was a short path leading to the fence door going out of the backyard.  Since I often need to hauling the soil to the back yard for planting, and river stone path won't be easy for a pulling card to go through, we turned this pathway to a brick paved path.  Now I can easily transport the soil using my little pulling cart.

Although it is not a perfect job, we were proud to have this path paved all by ourselves considering this was our first time ever to try this.

With the above project finished, now within the fence, we only have last strip of grasses left, which is along the lake side (see below).

Two small Christmas palms were added last December.  Between two palms, the small tree in the container is "Michelia champaca", which should produce very fragrant yellow flowers. Now I have already put it under the ground outside of the fence  since the above picture was taken, and I cannot wait for it bloom for the first time!

Removing this last piece of grasses, and converting it to another planting area is in progress, I will post it once it is finished. One hint, this area will be involving some rocks.

Last, let me use this full opened hot pink gerbera daisy wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Ami-I absolutely love your pathways!They seem to complete your garden.You have done an outstanding job!

  2. Very nice paths, Ami. I love the pavers and they look very professionally done to me. You sure have a lot of flowers blooming! Very pretty.

  3. Chris: Those pathways do connect the different flower beds together, and give a garden finished look. Thanks!

  4. NanaK: hehe, thanks for the compliments about the pavers. We would like have a neater line of the edge if we had some proper tool to cut the brick. The warm winter sure have kept my garden colorful :) hope the recent cold front did not do too much damage to your garden.

  5. Your walkway look so serene and calming.
    A beautiful natural look.

  6. I love your pathway Ami - you did a wonderful job with it!


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