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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Garden and Bromeliads Collections

While I am feeling for the people in Northeast region who are suffering from the mess and the power outage brought by hurricane Sandy, I feel fortunate that we are here having the most enjoyable weather in South Florida.

Around the garden, I added some cool weather annuals to fill in those vacant spots left by summer annuals.  New Guinea Impatiens are becoming my new favorites since they can be put in the wide range of light condition, including the full sun.  Although I think the partial sun is the optimum since they would require more water if put in the full sun. 

Roses are loving this cool weather.

Josephine's Land

Josephine's Land
Queen Elizabeth

The following two are the double knock outs that I started from the cutting s five months ago. Really love the color and the form, and no black spots!

Belinda's Dream had lots of flowers since the weather cooled down.

This Kalanchoe thrysiflora was a small pup from my friend's plant, and look how tall it has grown, and it has lots of pups its own now.

Look down from the top of Kalanchoe thrysiflora.  Don't you think it looks like a green rose?

The small corner in the front yard near the front door entry.  The Rex begonia in the down left corner of the picture was moved from a total shade place.  It lost most of leaves after the move since this spot gets some morning sun. Now it has been fully recovered and showing its fantastic foliage.

It even bloomed!  Although the flowers are almost lost in the colorful leaves.

This Birds' nest fern started from a 4 inch houseplant, and it grows so big and lush after putting it into the ground.  

Bromeliads collection are getting bigger and bigger, and they are all expanding!  For those who just started gardening in Florida, I have to tell you, get some Bromeliads for your garden, you will love them!  You don't need many for each kind since they produce pups quickly. You also can exchange pups with your friends to get more varieties. Here are some pictures of the Bromeliads all around my garden.  

In South Florida climate, Bromeliads are among the easiest plants to grow, and they provide the year around colors to your garden too!  I am glad that I came to know this plant and became addicted to it when I just started my garden three years ago.

Happy Gardening! Be safe for the folks under the  Hurricane Sandy's impact!


  1. love all your bromeliads.
    Truly a lovely collection.

  2. Oh Ami ~ Everything looks so beautiful in your gardens. You have such a wonderful, colorful variety. You've done a LOT in three years. Enjoy.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. HI Ami...You've got quite a growing collection of bromeliads . . . beautiful colors. And, it looks like you're having great success with your roses, too. Your garden always looks so nice and well-tended. I really like the rock and bromeliad combination. Happy Autumn!

  4. Great garden. Every time I visit your blog, I just want to get on a plane and warm up in Florida. You make me jealous especially as Winter is coming on up here on the lake. Jack

  5. Thanks for the beautiful pics of bromeliads

  6. I LOVE the bromeliad garden! Those rocks are perfect for rambling Neoregelias and the like. I would be more into roses, but bromeliads look like rose blooms and they even have their own 'thorns'!

  7. i don't remember the dark colored ornaments in your garden. They're just stunning and the container with the frogs is so adorable. Your garden really so so gorgeous. really.

  8. Hi Ami...Check out my latest post. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award . . . and deservedly, so!

  9. Ami, your garden is looking good now. Love the water fountains and garden decor. Wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas!


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