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Saturday, January 30, 2010

They are all coming back!

As a new-comer to the gardening, I did not know that after a freeze I was supposed to wait a few weeks to clean up those freeze-damaged plants in case another freeze attacks again.   Right after the freeze left the area, my eyes just could not stand looking at those brown colors.  So, I did all those pruning and cleaning almost immediately.  Only after the fact, I learned the "waiting rule" from my fellow gardeners.  Well,  what is done is done, I just have to wish for the best, don't I? 

Since then, I have been eagerly examing the garden everyday and seeking any sign of new growth.  Today I finally can report happily:  "They are all coming back!".   Compare to others, I should say I am lucky enough since I don't have much cold-sensitive plants.  For those that did get the frost bites, the root systems remain intact, that is why they made such a quick recovery.

Here are some snapshots I took today for those previousely freeze damaged plants

Left column from the top: Papaya trees, Orange Marmalade Crossandra and Agave.
Right column from the top: Ornamental potato leaves 'Margarita',  Allamanda, and Diamond Frost.

Even the Braizilian Red Hots found its way back !!  After the freeze, they lost all the leaves.  I thought it would be a gonner for sure.  I think my convering them for two coldest nights might have made the trick.  I am happy!

Have a nice weekend!  Hope you all find some new signs of the life in your garden...


  1. My crinums are coming back to life, but that's about it so far. It'll be a long wait on the palms, ti plants, and herbaceous shrubs. I think the wait-to-cut-back rule is probably not so stringent in your growing zone. The big fear further northward is another freeze hitting and affecting tender new growth.

  2. Isn't it great?! Sometimes, they are stronger than we think. This winter is very mild in our area. But last one was very cold and snowy. Some of my plants looked dead. I gave them a chance, and several of them came back. I'm glad your plants survived!

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to see the new growth?!?! My garden is making a great comeback already. I understand the anxiety you feel re. the waiting period after the freeze..I want to cut everything back but I patiently wait and am usually well rewarded with new growth! Amazing!

  4. Here in florida we can't get the thrill that northern gardeners get when crocuses poke through the snow. Tulips, daffodils and other bulbs from up north are out of the question too, but I wouldn't trade gardening here for anything. We still get to see life emerging from the wreckage of frost!

  5. Seeing all that lovely new growth is very encouraging isn't it? I think you will be alright with having cut back your plants. If there is another freeze as far south as you are it shouldn't be a very hard or long one. And your now shorter plants will be that much easier to cover!

  6. Thank you all for the comments. Yes, it is always encouraging to see the new growth emerging from the wreckage of the frost! I guess I am lucky even I did not follow the "rule" :) Wish you all can have your garden back to life soon!

  7. Glad to see your plants are making a comeback. I hope my orange marmalade (I just love that name) crossandra come back. They look pretty dead right now. Enjoy your new sprouts.

  8. Ami,
    It is amazing how fast Florida plants rebound with our usual sunny days. It is clear you are a bit further south than me though. It won't be too much longer and we will see good signs here, too. Meems

  9. Ami, as long as you didn't pull out what looks dead, the only harm done is probably making extra work for yourself. Here in Tampa, the more it warms up, the more damage we see. So you cut back the first week and, whoa!, the next week there's even more to cut back!
    Some of it just has to go, though. Dead is dead.

  10. the sweet potato vine looks like it will be fine.


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