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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Plants, Bromeliads Pups and Blooms

I got this Needle flower (Augusta rivalis) from Flamingo Gardens Member's Day plant sale.   Since we bought a family membership, they gave away two plants for free.  I will post another one in a future post when it flowers.

It is a young plant in a one gallon pot.  This exotic gardenia relative has slight fragrance, and has 5 inch long white tubular flowers flaring to one and half inch wide.  I think the needle shape of the bud is how it gets its common name.

Needle Flower (Augusta rivalis)
Family: Rubiaceae
I chose this plant not only for its fragrance, but also for its everblooming feature.  It is also cold hardy to low 30's.  I think it would look nice when it spreads a little bit wide and have more bloomings. 

Except the above information, I can not find any more information over the internet about this plant, and never seen it in others' gardens either.  Anybody grows this plant in your garden?  Any additional information is appreciated!

I bought this angel wing begonia at the same plant sale that day.  Members got 50% discount on all plants.  I just can not pass a great deal, and especially I am a little crazy about begonia recently :)  I love the rich red foliage and the red/pink bicolor flowers.

Here is another plant I bought at 50% discount that day.  This bromeliad did not have a label.  My best guess for its name is:   Neoregelia carolinae tricolor.  What do you think?

It is blooming right now, so I wish I can soon get a pup out of it.

Speaking of bromeliads blooming, I have some others blooming right now in my garden.  They are either passalongs, or bought without labels.  So, I put my best guess of their names under the each picture.  If you know the correct names, please let me know.
Neoregelia spectabilis

Neoregelia carolinae

Neoregelia spectabilis

The following three already have pups growing out of them.  This is a great feature I love about bromeliads!

Neoregelia 'Tequila'
Neoregelia x 'Ultima'

Right now, all my bromeliads are spreaded around my garden.  Some are in the ground, and some are still in the containers.  With the inspiration from my recent trip to Miami Fairchild Botanic Garden.  I am thinking to set up a bromeliad area in my garden, or maybe even do a little vertical gardening.  Just a thought in my mind.... Will see if it eventually can come true.


  1. That needle flower is lovely, such a delicate bloom. I don't have any experience with bromeliads, but have always liked the look of them. Yours looks great. I think a vertical garden would be a great idea.

  2. Ooh, your needle flower and begonia are so pretty! I love your collection of neoregelias. Quite extensive for a beginning gardener! You probably have noticed I have a special soft spot for neos. As for naming, it's pretty hard if it didn't come with a label. I've been musing over a new brom post that would include photos of all my neo's, including several lovely unknowns. I really can't stand not knowing the cultivar names!

  3. Ami - I love your new plants. The broms you have in your garden are really putting on the color aren't they? Having them tucked in different areas of your garden sounds like a good way to let each one stand out. Dreaming of a bromeliad project to display them vertically sounds like fun. It would be quite a conversation piece. It's always fun to come up with new ideas.

  4. Ooooh! Bromeliad garden sounds great! You live in a warm area that is just begging you to grow them in trees... Thanks for the lovely photos!

  5. Lovely photos Ami, I was alos just thinking about moving some bromeliads into a different part of the garden where they would get more sun. I think then they have more colour. they do look good en masse.

  6. You've got some great looking broms, and it looks like your collection is growing. It's fun to buy plants on sale.

  7. Oh Ami,

    50% off of plants? I would be in such big trouble. I am interested in seeing more of your needle flower as it grows in your garden :-)

  8. Your selection of Bromeliads is impressive! I didn't realize there were so many different varieties.

  9. This is so essential post. This information helps them who are new gardeners.
    Thanks for helpful post for us.


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