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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Snow Whites Under the Florida Sun

Starting last week, the temperatures in South Florida has been climbing up to 90s degree. I can feel that hot and extremely humid summer is quickly approaching (or maybe already here?!)...

However, the plants in my garden seem really be enjoying this Florida sun.  I am especially drawn into all those white flowers dotted in the garden.  I love the white flowers for their pureness, simplicity, and the elegance.

This Gardenia is the spring bloomer.  Although it also blooms occasionally throughout the year, spring is its peak time.  I found this variety seems hardly fully opens before it fades away, although this doesn't impact it releases the heavenly scent. Currently the bush has about 8 flowers open, and has more than a couple of dozen buds on the way.  I found myself is making the frequent trips around it so that I can smell its lovely scent as much as I can.
Gardenia Miami Supreme (Gardenia Augusta)
Compare to Gardenia, this Jasmine's scent is not as strong.  Its fragrance is rather subtle, but it can be appreciated more when one actually brings his nose close to the flowers. 

Arabian Jasmine
(Jasminum Sambac 'Maid of Orleans')
This Odorata Begonia is a new addition. I love its white flowers with the yellow stamen in cluster trailing down from the dark green heart-shaped leaves.  The flower even has a little fragrance, another added bonus.
Begonia Odorata Var. Alba
African Iris is still popping up those pretty flowers one after another.  This is its first year of blooming.  I hope  it will bloom even more profusely next year.
African Iris (Fortnight lily, Dietes iridioides)
Diamond frost (Euphorbia) really lives up to its promise.  It only experienced slight leaf damages in this past unusual cold weather of the Florida winter.  It not only bounced back quickly, and also kept the full bloom like this for the majority of the year.   I also had success to use the cuttings to propagate. I would say this is a tough plant with the delicate appearance.  It is a perfect "filler" in the container combination in my opinion.
Diamon Frost (Euphorbia)
This Crape Jasmine is really thriving in the heat.  In one short week, this bush is full covered by the blooms.
Crape Jasmine (Tabernaemontana divaricata)
My first caladium leaf!  This is my first time to plant the caladium bulbs.  Bought one package with 24 mixed caladium bulbs.  I have no idea what types I actually got.  I am glad this first one emerged is a pretty one, White Christmas in Florida Summer.  How cool is that!
Caladium (White Christmas)
This orchid has opened all the buds on one spike.  I also can see another two spikes are on the way.  Yay, that means I can enjoy this beauty for quite a long time!
Phalaenopsis Orchid
All these snow whites are really bringing me some coolness under the Florida sun. 

What white bloomings do you have now in your garden?


  1. Lovely blooms! Everything's in flower here too in the UK - real eye candy!

  2. I like all of your Snow WhiteS! :)

  3. I love every white flower you have featured today!!

  4. I really enjoyed looking at your lovely Snow Whites, especially the gardenia and the orchids. I have white vinca, peace lily, murraya, wrightia antidysenterica and angelwing jasmine blooming now. O wow, I can even make a post of of this, thanks to your idea :)

  5. I like all your white flowers. I'm glad to hear about your 'Diamond Frost'. I've been thinking about getting some to put in my rose area but didn't know how they would do in winter. I just bought a gardenia tree and it is opening buds and smelling wonderful. Yours seems very happy. I haven't planted mine yet; it's still in the pot. Keep cool in your garden!

  6. Your white flowers are beautiful ... white is definitely one of my favourite garden colours. Lovely photos.

  7. Oooh, pretty whites! And I bet your garden smells heavenly right now. My favorite white right now is the Southern Magnolia blooms. They really pop in the garden.

  8. oh what a whiteout! we say that when we've a heavy snowstorm here in Scotland. I love you choice of plants today. The smell from the gardenia is fantastic - I just wish the flowers would stay longer. I don't like it when they go to that yellowish stage.

  9. You whites are great contrast for the garden. My Gardenia hasn't bloomed yet but it is always a favorite here with it's scent.I like your Jasmine plant also. Maybe one day.

  10. Hi Ami, Oh now I see why you said you like white flowers! Your orchid is sensational! Pity that we dont have scratch n sniff stickers to post on our blogs, isnt it?

  11. Hi Ami, congratulations for already reaping the fruits of your labor. I would like to inform you that Jasminum sambac is the National Flower of the Philippines and we call it "sampaguita". It looks like most of your plants have scents, so it really feels good to mingle in them. I can smell them this far!

  12. aloha ami,

    aaah, so nice to see white flowers for a change...i also love gardenias and my are also blooming well and i cut them to put them in bowls of water so i can put them in different rooms, it smells amazing!

  13. Those white flowers make me feel so much cooler in this hot weather. They are beautiful and the sweet smelling scents are a bonus.

  14. Thanks everyone for the nice words! I am glad that you all loved my snow whites :)

    Autumn Belle: Looking forward to your post to show the white bloomings in your garden! Some of them you listed are new to me.

    NanaK: I also used the cuttings of the diamond frost to put infront of the rose bushes to hide some bare branches. It is pretty and tough :)

    FloridaGirl: If I have that magnolia in my garden, that surely will be my favorite white as well!

    Rosie: I know what you mean about it turns to brown quickly. Fortunetely I now have dozens of them, so always have some with pure white and nice smell to enjoy.

    Sanddune: Do you put your gardenia in the full sun? Mine is in full sun. But again, maybe yours is different type.

    AfrincanAussie: Oh, yes, I love whites! If I have more space, I want a moonlight garden with all whites!

    Andrea: Thanks for letting me know that Jasminum sambac is the National Flower of the Philippines. It is always nice to know the flower I love is also treasured by others.

    Noel: Great idea! That way you can enjoy the gardenia even more!

    Susan: Just saw your post about your white begonia and gardenia. They are so nice! I love your idea of putting the gardenia into the bowl and put indoor. Same idea that Noel also mentioned. So I just cut 5 gardenias today to put them in a bowl with water. Hmm, smell so nice! thanks!

  15. I love the gardenia! I can almost smell its delicious fragrance! All of your blossoms are beautiful! Lovely whites and added special beauty at night.

  16. My Gardenia bushesare on the west side of the house.It only gets partial sun in the morning time. Maybe that is why it blooms later than yours.


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