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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amaryllis Confusion

This is my first year to grow Amaryllis.  I picked up five bulbs from the big box store early November last year.  They were labled as: 'Apple blossom',  'Oskar', 'Christmas Story', 'Star of Holland' and 'Susan'.  

'Apple Blossom' and 'Oskar" were the first two that bloomed.  Their posts are here and here.

'Christmas Story' is supposed to have all-white flowers, but when it bloomed at the end of November, I found it was the same as 'Apple Blossom'.  I think they must have mixed up the label during the packing.

While I don't mind having another 'Apple Blossom', I did buy five different bulbs for the varieties.  Especially I would love to have an all-white amaryllis around Christmas time. 

The following is the one labled as 'Star of Holland',  bloomed on Christmas Day. 

And, this week, the last of five bulbs, the one labled as 'Susan' also bloomed.

To my untrained eyes, I hardly can tell the difference between 'Star of Holland' and 'Susan', can you?  And make it even more confusing, I think it is almost identical to 'Oskar' too!

Here are two old pictures of 'Oskar' (as labled).   Let me know if you do see the difference!

Can anybody tell me if any of my Amaryllis is correctly labled, or not?!  So much for the varieties, and it is sad that it is not something I can conrtol.

For now, I guess I will only see those Amaryllis varieties from my blog friends posts. 


  1. Ami, that is definitely not 'Susan.' I grew 'Susan' in my first garden, and it is definitely a brilliant pink color, not red. I have a photo of it sitting on a shelf, so I see it all the time. Sounds like those were marked horribly wrong. I bought some Christmas before last that were labeled pink and turned out red.

  2. Hi Ami,
    They are all beautiful and bright and healthy.But I understand your frustration with labeling. It is a common issue and one that I suppose gardeners will always find confusing.

  3. Your amaryllis are all just gorgeous even if not what you expected. I bought some discounted ones too but haven't planted them yet so I don't know what I got. At least now I know not to be too surprised when they aren't as labeled. I think the red are my favorite.

  4. Those are lovely Ami and it is frustrating to get miss marked plants.


  5. I have yet to find an Amaryllis in the store that was labeled correctly. They are all beautiful..I would suggest ordering if you want a certain color, at least then you can contact the nursery.

  6. well mine have not flowered at all so I enjoyed your photos! I guess they dont always know what they are doing when they label bulbs..... Maybe you could ask for some more? I am hoping mine will start flowering this winter once the rain stops.

  7. I am enjoying mysefl looking at your gorgeous amaryllis flowers. My bulbs have not produced any flowers yet. Happy New Year!

  8. They are certainly pretty. I have no idea what the different varieties should look like. Sorry they all look the same.

  9. thats always unfortunate when you get things not labeled correctly...although i noticed one of the flowers has a white throat and the rest have black so you got one that was different from the pack :)


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