"Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. " ~Lindley Karstens

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Garden and Happy Valentine's Day

February is a busy month for me, and I am happy that my garden is thriving without this gardener's much help.  Thanks for warm and sunny days of this month in Florida!

This is one of my garden beds that I am very happy with right now.  This reminds me more of a spring garden than a winter garden.  It also makes me thinking that I really should take more pictures of broad views of the garden each month for the records. 

With a relative mild winter, this year the agaves did not get any frost bites.  I expect they will grow much larger this year.  Bulbine plants and Indian blanket flowers are mingled with them quite nicely.

This corner used to be a boring spot with a rain barrel nearby and a gutter downspout next to the fence.  Now the downspout extension is covered with the purple hearts (Tradescantia pallida) trailing over from the other side of garden bed, and blooming begonia flowers.  Now I found I often stop to smell the fragrance of the begonia every time I walk by.

Another begonia is in blooming...   Love two tone shades of the flower.  Pink and red, perfect for the Valentine's Day!

This geranium was bought last winter. When summer came, it barely had any leaves left under Florida heat.  I did not pull it out since I still saw the life out of it.  Now it rewards me again with the beautiful flowers.   I will plant something around it when it is ready to retreat back to the ground, so that I won't have any bare spot left in the summer garden. 

This new verbena was discovered from a local nursery.  Just love the unique shade of the flowers.  Another Valentine's color-perfect flower, don't you think?

Oh, I just can not help to bring one more ground orchid home.  I am slowly starting a small collection of ground orchids in my garden. 

I grow impatiens in the ground, as well as in the containers.  This picture contains impatiens from two adjacent containers.  Thought it is a nice combination for Valentine's Day too!

The soft pink tone on Kiwi Ti looks even more beautiful under the early morning sunshine.

I am saving the best to the last!  My first ever Amazon Lily is in blooming.  Love the pure white on this flower.  For me, sometimes the white is even more romantic than the red and pink.

Amazon Lily
Eucharis grandiflora

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Ami ~ I just love all of the blooms that fill your gardens. I too, am enjoying my gardens more this month.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day.


  2. Thank you for the Valentine blooms. You are right that your Amazon lily is the best! I have blanket flowers re-seeding and plan to plant more this year. Yours have done so well through cold and heat.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Ami! I have been too lazy to get out early this morning for a heart-soaked photo shoot, but I am loving all the Valentine posts I'm reading on other blogs today. : ) Your garden is lovely with all of its reds and pinks and certainly looks nothing like winter.

    I love, love, love your Amazon lily!!! This is one of my all-time faves, but I rarely see it on other blogs. Made me smile today, and your photos of it are stunning! (I know it is a hard one to photograph.)

  4. Hi Ami...Your flowers look absolutely beautiful. Your garden must look stunning with all the pretty flowers you have blooming. I love the frog pair in your flowerbed which looks great. Have a happy valentine's day!

  5. The flowers in your garden are so sweeet and lovely. I love your partner frogs too, I mean in your garden and also your avatar. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. We have been blessed with some beautiful weather here in South Florida this month that's for sure.
    Your plants are all appreciating the mild weather also. Happy Valentines day!

  7. FlowerLady: Thanks! Have a very happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  8. NanaK: I also found lots of seedlings around my blanket flowers. They seems growing quite well by their own, even better than when I started the mother plants from seeds myself :) My friends are already asking me to give them some of those seedlings when they are a little bigger. How wonderful we can spread this plant for free!

  9. Floridagirl: It was your picture of Amazon lily gave me such deep impression that I recognize it from the leaves when I visited a local nursery. I am so glad that it has one flower spikes emerging when I bought it. I am still keeping it in a container, where she seems quite happy in. Thanks for the inspiration to bring this wonderful plant to my garden!

  10. Susan: For some reason, I often found my winter garden is more colorful than other seasons. Maybe I plant more annuals in the winter than other time. Thanks for noticing that froggie planter. I have been moving around those frog pair in my garden, right now it seems fit in that spot of the garden quite well :)

  11. Autumn Bell: Thanks! I know what you mean by my "Parter frogs" . lol. Glad you like it, they are my favorite garden decoration too!

  12. Sanddune: Yes, with this gorgeous weather, I have been itching to do more gardening this month. Unfortunately, I have been so busy with work and kids activities this month. Hope I can soon find the time to feel the soil again. Happy Valentine's Day to you, and happy gardening!

  13. Absolutely perfect photos for this time of year (especially being stuck with snow still). Happy to have found your blog!

  14. Dear Ami,
    This is such a colorful and spring-like post. Your photos are lovely of all the flowers that make me think of Valentine's greetings. I adore white flowers. Your amazon lilies are breathtaking. I've had this plant for years and never get blooms. The lubber grasshoppers eat the leaves, too. Your ground orchids do very well for you. The begonias are a favorite.
    Happy Valentine's day and happy gardening in this beautiful month of February.

  15. Im so amazed to see your begonia collection. Your ground orchids makes me so jealous.
    Have a nice valentine.

  16. Ami, happy Valentines Day to you too! Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I love the way it's growing.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm giving you a blogger award. I've posted about it in my latest post, "A Gift", and linked to your blog. I hope you'll accept...I think you definitely deserve it!

  17. Hi, Ami, just found your blog again. Saw it in the dead of winter and thought, "South Florida is too different from north central Florida". LOL Now that it's warm again, we're all the same!! Your plants are lovely, and I grow many of them - just not the tropicals. I saw your walking iris bed being made last August via a Google search. Very nice!! How is it doing lately? I just bought one and was going to plant it today. Didn't think of dividing it now until I read that did. Does yours get full sun? My only spots are full, all-day sun. Hopefully, it can take it.

  18. Ami, your header is very pretty; love the combination of white and dark purple blue. the verbena splotches remind me of an Azalea I grow, exactly like, odd pink splotches on the petals. Lovely. Amazon lilies are very special, they do not like to be disturbed. Yours looks delightful.

  19. lovely decors..really a great idea.. Brimming with personality and charm, the Frog Garden Statue will be a delightful addition to your garden, adding a touch of whimsy to your landscape. really great Garden Accents


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