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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Busy Gardener's Garden

For those who are the regular readers of my blog, you might have noticed that I have not posted anything for more than two weeks now.  The weather has been wonderful for the garden in the past month, only this gardener has not got much time to work in the garden with numerous kids' activities and busy working schedule.

Of course, that did not stop me visiting my favorite local nursery and bringing two new begonias.  I don't know what are their names, but I think they are Rhizomatous Begonias.  Anybody recognize them, please let me know the names.

This one is said that can grow in the sun.  I planted it in a new partial sun flower bed.  I will write more about this new flower bed later.

This one requires shade, and as always, I struggled to find a shady place in my garden, so it is still in the container.  Even without the flowers, I love the texture of its hairy foliage.

After being attacked by some sort of insects last year,   this Orange Marmalade Crossandra was pulled off from the container (at least I thought I did).  I was surprised and happy to see its glossy green leaves emerging from the soil.  Now it opened its orange flowers again.  Together with purple petunia and white frost diamond, they made a beautiful container combination.

Another orchid has been reblooming for me after I owned it for two years.

Indian blanket flowers (Gaillardia pulchella) have been blooming without any special care from this gardener.  Can you believe all these flowers are coming from only three plants that were started from seeds last year?

African Iris and crown of thorns are another combination that doesn't require much of care once establised.

I noticed the flower buds from this Neomarica Caerulea 'Regina' (Giant Apostle's Iris) ten days ago and was looking forward to seeing its flowers in person for the very first time.  Two days ago, I finally managed to come home in the daylight, only found the flowers are already gone!  Since the plant is still quite young, I don't know when I can see they rebloom.

At least this bromeliad bloom is not easy to miss, it will be quite a while from it starts showing red to finishing the blooming.

Amazon Lily has also finished blooming.  Its beauty is so impressive!

Meanwhile, Ground orchids just started their long blooming period.  In my garden, It did not stop blooming until temperature dropped down to 40s and 30s.

For me, one of fun to grow a garden is to see the plants take turns to show their beauties, either through the flowers or the foliage.  Each stage is unique for each plant.  Even with a new garden as young as mine, I have been amazed with the cycle of the plants life.

I do believe Spring has arrived to my part of the garden.  I am itchy to put my hands into the soil, at least more than what the time has permitted me.

Happy Gardening, my friends!


  1. You seem to have found some good easy-care plants that are giving you blooms and beautiful foliage. You are in a busy time of life and growing the garden of family is the most rewarding garden to grow :)

    I really like those blanket flowers in front of the froggies. I have a few seedlings coming back that I hope to enjoy blooms on soon. I don't know the begonia's names but sure like 'em! I have one similar to the star-leaved one but mine is just coming back from being frozen to the ground.

    Can't wait to see the new bed you're working on.

  2. Beautiful stuff going on in your gardens. The second Begonia looks like a Rex Begonia. Mine is actually in morning sun..doesn't seem to bloom well in full shade for me. I think we call your large Iris a Walking Iris here...mine is white.

  3. Ami, I understand all too well how hard it can be to maintain life, gardening and blogging. Your garden is in glorious spring bloom! I'm jealous as I've had to start from scratch again. So I enjoy your fabulous gailardia, broms, begonias (I just bought some too as I FINALLY have shade/part sun in my yard), etc. Your orchids are so sweet...love the color!

  4. Your garden is looking so lush and beautiful. It's always hard for me to remember you are so new to gardening. Most people take years to develop that kind of skill. I love those blanketflowers! Aren't they wonderful? I have only discovered them in the last couple of years. Never knew what a perfect Florida plant they are. And your new begonias are lovely. Can't wait to see your new "shady" bed.

  5. BTW, do you have an e-mail for this blog?

  6. NanaK: Yes, the garden of family demands much more dedication from me, and surely is the most rewarding one :)

    I love the scene with blanket flowers in front of the froggies. You must have figured it out by seeing me showing it again and again in my posts.

  7. Darla: Thanks! I read that Rex is one type of rhizomatous begonia. Rex mainly grows for their foliage, and the flowers are usually not significant. So, I think you are right :)

    Yes, I think that Giant Apostle's Iris is also called walking iris. Mine has purple flower, not white. Hope I can see the flowers in person soon.

  8. Kimberly: I understand you have to start again from sratch. I hope you took lots of plants with you. Even with a small garden I have, I have accumlated lots of plants over one and half year I live here, and I would not leave without at least taking one for each kind with me :)

    Meanwhile, thinking about how many plants you can grow in a two acre land! I totally envy your pond. Will follow your progress to build the garden again.

  9. FG: Thanks! I take it as compliment :) I guess with enough passion, one can progress a little faster than normal :)

    I would not know blanket flowers either if I did not start blogging! Wonder why it is not sold in the garden center here. Hope I can get more varieties like what you have in your garden.

  10. FG: Forgot to mention that my email address is "Ami.Z.Florida@gmail.com". You also can send me email via my "Contact me" tab of my blog. This email is not associated with my blog since I used my personal email address when initially registered with google without knowing I actually will start the blog for real. But I use this email to communicate with my blog friends :)

    Yesterday I tried to visit your blog, and was told that your blog is open for invited readers only. Any reason you want to go private for your blog? Please add my email address to your invited reader list, I am sure I don't want to lose you!!! Your blog is always fun to visit, and I learn lots of things from you.

  11. What great photos of all your beautiful blooming plants. I hope you get a few minutes to spend in your garden this weekend, but it will be there when time allows. Enjoy your family for now.

  12. Susan: Thanks! I am sure I will spend some time in the garden this weekend :) Have a great weekend!

  13. I have a Begonia that looks similar and was told it is a Dragon Wing Begonia. Don't know forsure but it looks kinda the same.

  14. Your absence is easily forgiven with the posting of these fabulous plants. Love your Begonias and your lovely Orchids. The Crossandra, Petunia and Euphorbia combination looks terrific. Crossandras are prolific seeders so it didn't surprise me that yours came back.

  15. Ami,
    It's a good thing you worked so hard last year as this year you are reaping the rewards. Even though you can't get in the garden as often as you'd like the strength of your choices then show how wisely you planted. Love seeing all your blooms... it's always nice to see what's going on in your pretty garden.

  16. A can sympathize with your lack of time to work in the garden. I have the same problem. Lots of ideas and desires but not much time to put them into practice. You have some beautiful blooms in your garden and I like the container combinations you have going.

  17. sanddune: I have several dragon wing begonia in my garden, and they look different from my new ones. I believe my new ones belong to Rhizomatous Begonias category, just don't know the specific name.

  18. Bernie: Thanks! I did not know Crossandras is prolific seeders since I even put the spent flowers back to the container, but don't find any seedlings. Those new leaves were emerged from old roots of the plant that I thought have pulled out.

  19. Meems: Thanks! Yes, the garden is in a much better state than last year, although I know I still did not plan enough for the summer season. Yesterday I found I forgot to trim some of bushes, and they already developing the buds or flowering, but look kind of leggy. So I took out the prunners and did some soft trim to them anyway, hope they will set out more blooms soon and in nice shape :)

  20. Jayne: Yes, sometimes all those ideas driving me crazy when I can not put them into practice! LOL Anyway, I did find sometime this past weekend to do more in my garden.

  21. Oh spring has definitley sprung in your garden! I hope you get some daylight time soon to enjoy it all. I love that furry leafed begonia - very unusual, and your orchid is beautiful!


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