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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Its Name Is Paradise!

For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you may remember that I got one surprise rose at my rose corner that I don't know the name of.

Thanks for many of you who tried to identify this rose for me, especially Titania at "Yesterday, today and tomorrow in my garden" and Gippslandgardener at "A Year in a Gippsland Garden", who checked their rose books for me to see any match.  The possible matches are: "Angel Face" and  "Love Potion".

Unfortunately, after I compared my mystery rose with the pictures and descriptions of these two roses, I think they might not match.  Although their color do match, but the pedals of both "Angel Face" and "Love Potion" are "ruffled", and mine is not.

However, when doing the search, I came across one rose named "Paradise", and I think they look very close to the one I have.

Here is the description of "Paradise" (Synonym: Burning Sky, Passion ): 1978, USA.  Lilac mauve center with magenta/dark pink edges.  Parentage - 'Swarthmore' x 'Angel Face' seedling, 30 pedals.

Here is a picture of 'Paradise' from the web.  Since 'Angel Face' is one of its parents, it does show some resemblances, doesn't it?

Paradise Hybrid Tea Rose
(Source: San Joaquin Valley Rose Society at  http://www.rainforest2548.org/)

Here are some pictures of my mystery rose on different stages (not the same flower, but all from the same bush).   Do you agree that this could be the 'Paradise'?

Since I know that I will never be able to be sure of the name of my mystery rose, I will settle for this closest match for now... 

So, 'Paradise' it is!  One less nameless rose in my garden :) 


  1. I can never remember the names of plamts,without their tags.That is a beautiful rose.A beautiful pink rose.And that would be good enough for me.As long as you love it,thats all that counts.

  2. I'm no rose expert (or anything-expert, for that matter) but it certainly does look close. And besides, Paradise is a great name and it's a beautiful rose.

  3. I think you have excellent 'rose detective' skills Ami and from those photos it does look like a very good match!

  4. Ami, considering I like the name, I agree with you...looks like "paradise" to me! :) Seriously, I think your second photo really matches the internet photo. The shades of pink are so remarkable...really great variety, whatever it's name!

  5. What a very fitting, appropriate name for that rose, Ami! Paradise indeed! You will soon be Florida's rose expert.

  6. It is a beautiful rose whatever its name. I do think you have tracked it down though. Looks like a match to me. You have done so well with your roses. They are amazing.

  7. Well it looks like it came from Pardise...beautiful.

  8. That is my 'Burning Sky' Flip thru to my blog and click on the link to Ludwig's Roses. Or back thru my posts on roses. Picked one today, and here it is on your blog. Tall and beautiful, yes?

  9. I think you nailed it! Regardless of what it's name is, it is so beautiful!

    Ami - I can't remember if I replied to your question about the Globe Mallow seeds. I just direct sow them in the garden. Since most of mine come up in the winter, maybe that is when they will germinate?

  10. Ami,
    You can call it whatever you want I mean it is your garden.It will be no less spectacular.
    "What's in a name. that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet". William Shakespeare from his play Romeo and Juliet. :-]

  11. ChrisC and Sanddune: I guess I sounded a little name-obsessed, huh? It is just for easy reference since I have 4 different shade of pink roses in my garden now. Also, I love to know my plants' name, so that I can do some reserach on how to care for it if needed.

    Sanddune: Thanks for that Shakespeare's quote! :)

  12. Elephant's' Eye:

    Yes, Burning Sky is indeed another name of 'Paradise". Checked your site and the link, they look exact same as mine! Thanks for the confirmation!

    Noelle: Thanks for the info about the Globe Mallow seeds. I tried again this past week. If I still don't success, then I might try in the fall. You sent me plenty of seeds, and I did not use them all yet. Thanks!

  13. Great name for a rose growing in a Florida garden. I love the darker tipped edges...really lovely!

  14. I don't mind having many un-named roses just for the sake of having that very beautiful bloom in my garden.
    Truly they are very pretty.

  15. Whatever it is, it's fabulous? Is it in the ground or in a pot? I've grown most of mine in pots so I don't have to worry about the correct root stock.

  16. Penny: It is in the ground. Hmm, that is a good idea to put them in the pot. thanks.


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