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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Unexpected at the Rose Corner

In my previous post,  I talked about the unexpected mix-up of one of the roses in my rose corner.  The expected "bright clear yellow" "New Day" hybrid tea rose turned out to be a burgundy color of tea rose, which I will temporarily refer as my "Burgundy Surprise" (Thanks for the suggestion, Deborah!).  

Since there were two roses in the original "New Day" rose package, I assumed the other one was also "Burgundy Surprise" even it had not bloomed at the time I wrote the previous post.  It did have a couple of buds already developed, and the bud color looked similar to the one from Burgundy Surprise.

Well, today when I came back home from work, I found those buds opened, and guess what?  It is not the same as "Burgundy Surprise", definitely another kind!

What do you think of this one?  Isn't it a delightful color?  It also has mild scent when you get close.   For me, I don't mind this mix-up any more.  I just got two more varieties I did not expect, and they ARE beautiful, and different from other roses that I already had.

It is kind of midium-sized pink lavender color (has the shade variation on the same pedal) rose.  Anybody knows the name??  (I have to say not knowing the name is the only annoying part of this whole mix-up thing...)

Oh, when taking the pictures, I noticed every one of my rose bushes had some leaves looked like this.

Did I have some uninvited visitors in the garden who love to nibble my rose leaves?  Who could the visitors be?

Oh, this rose corner sure is giving me lots of surprises!  At the same time, it is a beautiful garden corner I am in love with!


  1. What another surprise of the rose that grace your garden.
    I guess the leaf cutter bee are very much interested in making their nest from your garden leaves.

  2. That is a beautiful, scrumptious color! What a great surprise! Your rose photography is excellent, by the way.

  3. Dear Ami, I viewed your mystery roses. I consulted Botanica's Pocket roses. I am a bit at a loss, there are so many similar but not just right. Angel Face; Bridal Pink, which I grow and it can vary in its colours. The dark red one I do not know either. They are all wonderful, worth growing in your special beautiful rose corner. I am sorry, that I can not identify them. The double delight is always a pleasure to grow and it varies to in its colours which makes it an interesting rose to grow.
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Here's an idea: Send photos of your "Surprise Roses" to the place of purchase, and tell them that in lieu of replacement, you only request the correct names! Everybody will be happy!

  5. Lovely rose, it does kind of look like Angel Face. And, like James said the leaf cutter bee is busily gathering bits of leaves to make a nest.

    Enjoy these beauties of yours.


  6. I'm glad you liked the name.

    Sounds like your rose garden is keeping you on your toes in a good way. All our surprises in life should be this beautiful and sweet.

  7. Your surprise roses are both beautiful even if not the yellow you had thought them to be. I just read about leaf-cutter bees where it was said that they only last a few weeks, don't actually harm the roses and just cause the holes in the leaves. They are making rose-scented blankets for their babies according to this site. Kinda' sweet if the "no damage" part is right.

  8. Haha, I guess that was a surprise for you from the unknown florist, perhaps! :) Anyway, that is the most interesting part on gardening, right?

  9. I'd be glad to have such surprise since yellow is not one of my favorite colors. Pink-lavender is beautiful! As for the eaten leaves, I'd suspect a caterpillar... A hungry one...

  10. It looks good whatever it is. As to what is eating the leaves the start of hot weather here has lots of bugs showing up now.And they are hungry!

  11. James: This is my first time to hear leaf-cutter bee. I guess they like my rose leaves.

    FG: Yes, this is a delicious color! I love it. Thanks for the compliment of the photography :)

    Titania: Thanks so much for spending time to identify these two roses for me! I know it is almost impossible to identify them since there are so many variety out there, although I do see it is very close to "Angel Face". Will do more research later... Appreciate your help!

  12. Grower Jim: Since I got them from Costco, not sure if anybody can help me out there with the names :)

    Flowerlady: I think it did resemble the Angel Face. Will confirm more later. Thanks! Hope those bees will soon done their nest-building work :)

    Deborah: I also wish all the surprise in our life can be this beautiful and sweet :) Let's all wish!

    NanaK: Thanks so much for checking the leaf-cutting bee for me! I also hope the "no harm" part is true. As long as it won't impact my Roses, I don't mind sharing some leaves with the baby bees :)

    Muggle: Sure, gardening is full of surprises just like life!

  13. Tatyana: I actually do love yellow roses :) But the "Peace" I got also shows yellow in the middle stage, so I am satisfied with it. The other two surprise color are kind of unexpected lovely, so I don't mind it :)

    Sanddune: Thanks! As long as those hungry bugs don't harm my roses, I am happy to have them in my garden :)

  14. Delightful indeed, stunning color nonetheless. I love surprises in the garden.

  15. Hi Ami,

    I love your second 'surprise' rose. The color is amazing! You definitely have leaf cutter bees. They also like bougainvillea leaves. Like some of the comments said, you can't do anything about them and the damage is only cosmetic. They use the leaves to line their nests.

  16. Hi Ami, that is a very pretty rose for a surprise package! The colour does look to me like Angel Face, but the petal shape maybe not so much. Do they get slightly 'ruffled' as they open? I had a quick look through my rose books too and it looks like 'Love Potion' might be another possibility that is a low grower. Good luck with working it out!

  17. Noelle: Thanks for confirming for me that leaf cutter bees won't do real harms to my plants.

    gippslandgardener: Thanks for taking time to look for the name for my surprise rose! No, its pedals are not "ruffled", which made me think it is neither "Angel Face", nor "Love Potion". But I ran across a picture of "Paradise", which is almost matching the color exactly. What do you think?

  18. Hi Ami - I've just looked at some pictures of 'Paradise' and it does look like a pretty good match - and you would be the better judge!

    I'm wondering if it is sold under a different name in Australia, or not sold here at all, as I don't seem to be able to find it under any local searches.

  19. wow, those are some big chomps!!


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