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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rose Corner Update with Unexpected Mix-up

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might have known that I have been trying to establish a rose corner in my garden.

There are six roses in my rose corner including two "New Day", two "Peace", one "Double Delight", and one pink tea rose (lost the name tag). 

"New Day" and "Peace" are those dormant rose bushes I bought from Costco.  I put them in the ground in early March, and now they are growing so well with shiny healthy leaves. Each one of them has four to six buds, and some are opening their first blooms today. 

I have been patiently waiting for them all blooms, so that I can share their beauties with you all.  And, today is the day (perfect for Easter)!

I lost the name tag for this one.  This rose has nice subtle scent, and about 5 inch across when it fully opens (Anybody happens to know the name?).

Pink Tea Rose
I have been crazy about this "Double Delight" since its first bloom.  Don't you just love this bi-color blossom? Here is a post that shows how it changes color when it unfurls.

Double Delight
This "Peace" is definitely becoming my another favorite!   Look the three stages of this flower.  It has soft, clear yellow flower with touch of pink on the edge when fully opens.

Peace ( stage 1)

Peace (Stage 2)

Peace (Stage 3) 
 Now here comes the "unexpected"!  The only kind I have not shown you so far is the "New Day".  Here is the description on the original box: "Bright , clear yellow roses of good form and spicy fragrance that bloom continuously through the season. medium-sized bush. Everblooming Hybrid Tea Rose."  I bought it for yellow is missing from my rose collection (well, now I think actually Peace is almost yellow), and the spicy fragrance will be something real nice...

Here are three pictures I took for the plants that I thought were "New Day" roses from bud to full bloom.  Do you see anything that matches the above description?!  Where is that "bright, clear yellow"?

The only explanation will be they were put in the wrong package from the beginning, or some Costco customer misplaced them into this box for whatever reasons... 

What should I call this color?  Maroon, Violet Red, or Deep Pink?  The flower is about 4 to 5 inch across, and if I dive my nose into it, it has nice fragrance (not very strong). 

Anybody could give a good guess of its name?  Despite of the mix-up fact, this is a very LOVELY rose, and I don't mind having them in my garden at all.  The only downside is now I have another two nameless roses! 

I know it might be very hard to identify this rose just by the picture, but I would greatly appreciate it if anybody recognizes this one and let me know its name, so I don't have to refer it to "fake New Day Rose" every time I mention it :)


For the first pink rose, Noelle at http://www.azplantlady.com/ recognized it as "First Prize", and I checked the picture of "First Prize" on the internet, and seems they match my pink rose very closely.  So, I guess I got one less "Nameless" rose!  "First Prize" it is!  Thanks, Noelle!

For the mix-up roses, since nobody identifies the name yet, and Deborah at http://deborahsgarden.blogspot.com suggested call it as "Burgundy Surprise".  I love it!  So, before I can confirm its real name, I will refer this rose in my rose corner as "Burgundy Surprise".   Thanks, Deborah, very nice name indeed!


  1. What a bummer Ami that you didn't get the rose you wanted. I don't have a clue as to what this one might be, but someone might be able to give you a name.

    I love your other roses. To me roses must have a scent or they are a big fat disappointment. :-)

    Enjoy your lovely roses ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wow your Roses are looking really good. That's not an easy feat here in South Florida. Good job!

  3. Wow Ami, you have a real rose garden now. They are all blooming so much. Very pretty. I really like that Peace rose. Sorry I can't help you ID your unknown roses but they are sure pretty too.

  4. Gorgeous roses. If no one know the name of that one, just name it "Burgundy Surprise"

  5. Beautiful roses and lovely photographs! Your rose garden is coming together nicely.

  6. Flowerlady: At least this surprise is not bad at all... Only if I can find a name for that :) I also like Roses with fragrance, which is one of reasons that I wanted to buy that "New Day".

    Sanddune: Thanks. So far so good... Cross my fingers as the real chanllenge will be our sourth florida summer.

    NanaK: Thanks. I am enjoying this rose corner very much. How are yours? Envy your guys have a place to buy those old-fashioned roses.

    Deborah: Love that "Burgundy Surprise" name! I might use that if nobody identifies it :)

    FG: Thanks! Love your Florida cracker rose, and I still can not find one here.

  7. What a fun surprise to have a red rose where a yellow should have been. I am wondering if your pink rose may be a 'First Prize'?

  8. "Rose corner", that will be very nice in your garden! They are looking great. I like that "Double Delight" one. :)

  9. There are so many many types and hybrids of roses nowadays that it would take a great expert to identify them.
    I'm also guessing that roses behave differently when they are placed in different climates - the size, colour and composition changes in different region eventhough its the same tearose.

    Regardless, rose is rose - enjoy it and Blessed Easter!

  10. I hope my roses do this well this year....can't help you on the ID of "the not quite yellow" rose.

  11. Roses can never bore a gardener can they? I've heard people saying that Roses are classical plants, but to me, they're a must in every garden. I'm sorry I couldn't identify your rose. In fact I myself don't know the names of the three roses I had, out of which only one survived the heat of last summer and my irregular watering.
    I find it really hard to get the survivor to bloom. He's only bloomed twice till now and all he's been doing ever since is grow more leaves and shoots. I even tried a cutting from him, but even then he wouldn't bloom yet. [SIGH]
    I like the name Deborah gave your mystery rose. Burgundy Surprise! Wow, Sounds exotic!

  12. Ami...If you can find 'Florida Cracker' (aka 'Louis Philippe') growing elsewhere, you might be able to get a cutting. We have them growing even in commercial landscapes like banks and restaurants here. They can be clipped into a very neat shrub, grown as a large bush, or trained on a trellis like a vine. Great plant with a heavenly scent!

    They are one of the easiest plants out there to root from cuttings. Just take a six- to twelve-inch piece off of a blooming stem and stick it in dirt or potting soil. Water. In two or three months, it will be ready to transplant.

  13. Oh Ami that was disappointing but its a risk we all take when we buy from places like Costco - misplaced labels I'm sure happen quite a bit. You have some beautiful roses and its great that your nameless ones are fragrant too - a rose is not a rose without a scent in my opinion - though I have some from years ago that have no scent - but if I was to make another purchase it would have to have a scent.

    I too love the way they sometimes change their colour from bud to fully open - it means that you have all 3 different shades on the same bush at the same time as each bud matures into a flower. Your Peace rose looks so beautiful. It will be June before I have a single blooom on a rose.

  14. Beautiful roses! I do like the color of the surprise one that bloomed. Your bulbine header is pretty, too!

  15. Noelle: I checked the picture of "Firt Prize" on the internet, it does look very similar to my pink one, so I will take this name for it! THANKS! One less nameless rose for me! :)

    Muggle: I like "double delight" too, and now "Peace"!

    James: I agree that Rose change the color with the light and environment, but changing from pure yellow to burgundy seems a little too extreme :) Nevertheless, I do enjoy this mysterious rose. Thanks!

    Darla: I am not sure if they still can do very well in the Summer. I have another two roses, they suffer the black spots on the leaves. I think right the weather is still ok for the roses. But the summer will be another story. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Chandramoli: Thanks for visiting and welcome! I am also learning to grow roses. Some varieties are easy, and some needs constant cares. Did you try to give the fertilize the Rose needs to see if it can promote the blooming? I too love the rose name that Deborah suggested! Thanks!

    Rosie: You are the second one who says Rose without scent is not a rose. It is interesting before that I put more attention to the rose color, size and the texture, the fragrance is a very attractive feature, but I did not put it as a "Must Have". Now I think back, the scent IS VERY important. Everytime I walk close to my roses, those fragrance really makes me smile. I guess I will be saying the samething from now on "rose without scent is not a rose". LOL

    Amy: Thanks! Yes, that mysterious rose's color is very pretty. I love it! Thanks for noticing the burbline head picture. I guess now you know that is one of my faviorite pictures too! :)

  17. FG: Thanks for taking time to drop by here again telling me the trick to make the plant out of 'Florida Cracker' cuttings! That is a good idea. I need to have eyes open for this one anywhere I go to see if I can get some cuttings. You, Susan, and some others constantly mention this rose, which make me so want one! :)

    Thanks again!

  18. Yay! You put bulbine in your header! I nominated you for a few Mouse and trowel awards by the way... in return you'll have to tell me how to make those roses grow so well! My double delight still hasn't bloomed. :(

  19. Steve: Thanks for the nominations! I feel honored :) I am sorry that your double delight has not bloomed yet. I think the weather up your place is not as warm as mine yet. Or some micro environment has some impact to it? I really don't have much experience (Susan at http://simplysusansplace.blogspot.com/recently had a very good post about Rose care, you may check that one out). Seems so far I have some newbie's luck? I do put some coffee grounds and rose ferterlize in the hole mixed with the compost when planting them. And I try NOT to put a full sun area since South florida's full sun is just too much. My rose corner still got about 5 to 6 hour sun though, just not 10 hours :) Good luck with your double delight. Once it blooms, I know you will love it!


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