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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Angel's Temptations

Before I got this Angel's Trumpet's(Brugmansia) cutting, I already read about its narcotic and poisonous facts.  In the meantime, I was also fascinated by the beauty of the flowers this plant produces.  So, when my friend at work asked me if I would like to get a cutting, I said "Yes".  I took it as the Angel's temptations that I just could not resist.

Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia)
Family: Solanaceae
I received several cuttings in February this year.  I simply put them in a vase filled with water, and a week later, they developed the healthy roots.  Then I potted them up in different containers. 

One of the cuttings were put in the ground in the back yard in March.  This is how it looked like back then, about one foot tall.

Since then it just keeps growing like crazy.  It grew even faster after the ground warmed up in April, and then this week it opened the first round of flowers, about 15 of them!  I am training it into a small tree, so it won't take too much ground space, also the flowers will look even more dramatic when dangled from higher branches.

Those large, dramatic pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers are about 12 inches long.  They once again reminded me why I could not say "No" to it from the beginning.

Can you feel the Angel's temptations? 

As matter of fact, I got one more Angel's trumpet today with the pink colored flower, and I also have one devil's trumpet (Datura) growing from the seed at this moment.

**Warning: All parts of the angel trumpet (Brugmansia) are narcotic and poisonous. Deaths have occurred when the plant has been ingested or smoked for its narcotic properties.**


  1. Hi Ami,
    White Angel's trumpet is my very favorite of all of them. Yours have really taken a liking to your garden. So pretty and so many blooms!

  2. Angel's trumpet are a sight to behold. Softly swaying in the wind and perfuming the garden. Anybody who sees them is smitten and wants one to grow. I just gave away two cuttings of my yellow one. Nothing beats the white flowers.

  3. Your white angel trumpet is really pretty. I have a peach colored one. Thank you for telling me about rooting them in a glass of water, because that's what I'm going to do with a couple of cuttings taken from my bush.I'm excited now.

    Enjoy those wonderful flowers.


  4. Ami, those are tempting indeed. How great that you were so successful with cuttings. Getting all those blooms is a wonderful reward for caring for those babies.

  5. I too love this plant. Mine opens white and then turns pink. It's not uncommon to have more than one color flowers on the same plant. I continue to take cuttings from mine.

  6. Looking at your beautiful angel trumpet makes me want to cry...mine never returned from the devastating cold. I really miss it! Your white one is gorgeous and so very cooling to look at. I like the way you planted it next to the var. plant and the bromeliads...very nice.

  7. Meems: Thanks! This is my first Angel's trumpet, loving it! White is certainly one of my favorite colors!

    Titania: That was exactly what happened to me. I saw several pictures of this plant in several others' blogs, and just want one myself!

    Flowerlady: I got that rooting in the water method from the internet, and tried it myself. Worked like charm. Good luck with your cuttings rooting!

    NanaK: I did not know it was that easy to get the cuttings rooted. But how glad I was it worked for me! Thanks!

    Darla: Hmmm, multiple colors? I just took a look today again, and seems mine is not changing color, still pure white. Love, love it!

    Susan: Sorry you lost your angel's trumpet. Wish I live closer to you, I would have given you one cutting to root! :) That bromeliad and varigated devil's backbone combination with the Angel's trumpet does look nice, isn't it? Thanks for noticing!

  8. Wow! I didn't know it was so poisonous! It's beautiful though. I can't believe you got blooms so quickly!

  9. Those white trumpets are certainly a temptation that is hard to resist Ami! But I'm not sure if they would do well around here because of the frost.

  10. Hi Ami! Thanks for stopping my blog. I thought I'd return the favor.

    Love the contrast between the angel's trumpet and the bromeliads! And hopefully your cannas will bloom for you soon.

    Happy gardening!

  11. I've never tried growing this plant. I always thought it best not too when my children were growing up ... it was on the never-to-be-planted list then for all day care centres and schools here because of the death of a toddler quite a few years back. Poor little mite ate quite a bit of the plant before anyone had noticed!

    I must admit though it is a stunning plant ... and I do love your white variety. What a beauty!

    Thanks for visiting my blog again ... after that early winter gardening weekend there has been some development with those bulbs!!! Nearly all have sprouted, would you believe? I was completely amazed ... waiting to see if the last few actually break soil. It's going to be an interesting experiment!


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