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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favorites -- June 2010

The 25th day of the every month, Susan at Simply Susan invites us to join her to publish our favorites of the month.  I thought this is the best way to document the garden favorites according to the season. 

However, I was feeling down last month about my garden, and missed it.  This month end is my garden one year anniversary.  When I look back one year progress of my garden, I feel quite happy how much I have accomplished in one short year.  And my garden also simply put its best show to celebrate this milestone month!

So here comes my favorites of June!!!

Favorite foliage:
From top left corner clockwise:  Lemon Lime Warneckii , Various Caladiums, Canny lily 'Pretoria' (Bengal Tiger) leaves, Copperleaf or Beafsteak (Acalypha wlkesiana ), Oyster plants

Favorite warm colors:  Warm colors are best for use to brighten any flower bed, or garden corners.  Here are some of mine.
From top left corner clockwise: Red Pentas,  Rudbeckia 'Tiger Eye Gold' , Hibiscus, Marigolds, Day Lily

Favorite cool colors:  Cool colors are my favorite of the favorite in the garden.  I keep find myself bring home more and more white, blue and purple flowers.

From top left corner clockwise: Angel's Trumpet, Blue Fox Tail Orchid, Tropical Lilac, Needle Flower, Crepe Jasmine, plumbago, Agapanthus, rain lily, Pentas.

Favorite plants combination:  I planted the pink vinca in front of the variegated devil's backbone early this year.  Now they all grew fully, and created a very nice combination in the flower bed.  Love a beautiful garden combo created by pure luck!
Variegated Devil's Backbone (Euphorbia tithymaloides 'Variegatus') with pink Vinca (periwinkle)

Favorite garden critter:  Dragonflies are the most frequent garden visitors of the month, also one of my favorite critters!

Hope you enjoyed my garden favorites.  What are your favorites of the month? 


  1. I like your combo very much..

  2. Hi Ami,

    I love June in my garden. With the heat, I tend to enjoy the cooler colors, such as the blues and light pinks. I love your Plumbago. Right now, I am enjoying my sunflowers :-)

  3. You helped me with something! I have a lemon lime dracaena deremensis...didn't know you have one also and that you call it lemon lime Warneckii. I learned something new!

  4. We both have plumbago flowering in June.

  5. Oh my, what beautiful collages! I really like that lemon-lime thingy. Your warm and cool blooms are all enchanting. I am feeling a need now to do a post on purples and blues in the garden. That is such a pretty collage.

  6. You have arranged your collages very artfully. You really do have a lot of blooms right now. I love your plant combo of the vinca and devil's backbone. I see my favorite aechmea in the background!

  7. James: Glad that you liked the combo. I can't stop myself taking pictures of it :)

    Noelle: Sunflowers is on my list for next year. I think my kids would love to grow it together with me.

    Danielles: I think lemon lime dracaena deremensis is another name for it. hmmm, I am not sure now.

    EE: I really love the true ble of the Plumbago flower.

    FG: Thanks! Playing with collages is fun, and sometimes it looks more interesting when put things together than they are by their own. Looking forward to seeing your purple/blue post, my favorite color! You always can make picture look so gorgeous!

    NanaK: Thanks! Yes, aechmea is behind that combo, and caladiums are on the right side. That area is adacent to the bromeliad corner, which is becoming my favorite corner of the garden!

  8. Great photos of all of your favorites. I really love blues and purples in the gardens too.

    Enjoy and have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. Great show, Ami! I think I like the warm colors best, although I really like all your picks. The dancing dragonfly is adorable!

  10. Flowerlady: Yes, purple and blue flowers are my favorites too!

    Dirt Girl Gardening: Thanks for stopping by my garden!

    Kimberly: Thanks! I kind figured that you like the warm color more :) I love the cool color more in the garden. Yes, the dragonfly is just adorable, and I got so many dragonflies in my garden, different kinds!

  11. Ami...I just returned from vacation and am catching up on everyone's favorites. Your foliage and flowers are stunning, as are your collages. You have accomplished so much in your garden in one year...wow! I can see that your plants definitely love growing under your care and love...you are a natural-born gardener. Thanks for joining in again. Absolutely beautiful!


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