"Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity. " ~Lindley Karstens

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue Fox Tail Orchid and Other Summer Blooms

Just want to share some blooms that caught my eyes in my garden these days.

This Blue Fox Tail Dendrobium Orchid was a house-warming gift we received last year.  It is blooming again now. I love its deep purple color, not sure why the name is "blue" fox tail. Seems to me that blue and purple are often interchangeable in the plants world... Well, whatever name it is called, I just love it!
Blue Fox Tail Dendrobium Orchid
I found out that the best way to grow orchids is "leave them alone".  When I "over" cared about them before, they died.    Now I just put them outdoor in a bright shaded area, and water them maybe once a week based on if they got the rainfall or not, and fertilize them occasionally.  They seem love that way, there have been three orchids rebloomed for me this year since I learned this "tip" :)

While the ground orchids planted in the front garden are not doing very well, the ones located in backyard a more shaded area are shooting more flower spikes now.  I think I need to move those in the front to a more shaded area as well.
Ground Orchids (Spathoglottis)
These marigolds are the ones I started from seeds this year.  They just thrive in the Florida Sun!  I really love the golden/yellow/orange/red tones in it.  The color just looked so rich!

This concrete piglet statue was left in the mud by the previous owner when we moved in.  I dug it out and cleaned it.  I am not sure if it was originally made as a planter since the opening is very shallow and no drainage hole. I planted some purslane in it, and it now looks cute with a blooming body, doesn't it? 

This buttercup plant was self seeded from last year's plants.  It had so many seedlings that I have to pull lots out.  They open the flowers in the morning and close in the evening.  Then the cycle repeats one more time next day before it dies, then other flowers start opening again.
Mounding Buttercup
A couple of weeks ago, Floridagirl at Peace In The Valley posted a picture of this Rudbeckia 'Tiger Eye Gold' on her blog. I immediately fell love into it, and thought it would brighten my west flower bed border very nicely. The next thing I knew, three of them found the home in my garden :)
Rudbeckia 'Tiger Eye Gold' 
I found the flowers of the Pentas in the micro picture look so delicately beautiful with all those details in each small flower, which we usually don't notice with human eyes.
This rain lily was my recent purchase.  Only one was found.  I really love the water colored pink on this flower.  Wish it can multiply itself fast, so I can have more of this beauty!
Rain Lily (Zephyranthes candida)
Happy Summer Gardening!


  1. You've got so many beautiful blooms in your garden this month. I love the little piggy planter...it's adorable. You are right about orchids...the less you fuss with them the better they seem to do. I always think I should fertilize them more but never get around to it and they just keep surprising me with blooms.

  2. Ooooo... I like that blue orchid. I keep saying I'm going to get some orchids and then I'm going to try to leave them alone. :-)

    All your blooms are really so lively and cheery. I passed up that rudbekia so many times this spring. I haven't had great success with coneflowers and I group the two together in my mind. Do let us know how it does for you.


  3. Your blue orchid look very cool with their white outer layer.
    And yes, the best tip of taking care of orchid is handle them moderately.

    Too much care might lead to disappointments and sometimes death to the orchid.

  4. Ami how wonderful to be able to grow orchids outside. I too grow orchids but indoors and the way you treat yours is exactly the way I treat mine so many people kill their orchids with kindness.

    I think your ground cover ones will love being in your back garden. Is there a "best time of year" to do something like this?

  5. Your dendrobiums and ground orchids look beautiful! Neither are blooming for me right now, though I think it's more due to the cold winter and the neglect they received then. They do have nice green leaves, though, so I know they'll be back someday...

    Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. The tiger-eyes are very tempting with that golden color, aren't they? This is my first time growing them down here, and now I'm worried they won't do, since I've heard a few gardeners in my area say as much recently. Oh, well, I'll enjoy them while I can. They do look pretty in the butterfly garden.

  6. Your orchid is stunning and the ground orchids seem so happy in your garden. My ground orchids are alive but not blooming right now. I have them in pots since they didn't like the cold winter in the ground at all. Love the piggy with the purslane. I just bought my daughter some purslane for her sunny garden. It is so colorful and loves the heat. Hope your new tiger eyes do well for you.


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