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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Bromeliad Corner, First Daylily and Cat Whiskers

This past weekend was extremely hot and humid.  It felt like over 100F.  However, I still managed to work in the garden for several hours each evening after the sunset.

I finally moved some plants out of my only partial-shade corner in the existing flower bed.  Now the rest of bromeliads got to get out of the small pots they were in, and have a spot in this "new" area.  I will call it "Bromeliad Corner" :)

From another direction:

I know I might not have left enough space between the plants (no surprise to this new gardener with very limited garden space).  My hope is when the pups grown out of the mother plants, if they can not find enough space to expand, they might grow vertically, especially for those on the back against the fence.  I am sure I will post more update pictures later to track the progress of this corner.  This is not all my bromeliad collection.  I still have some others planted in the front yard, and other areas of the garden.

There were another two things that got me excited this past weekend.

Found a daylily plant hidden in the big box store corner!  After I drooled over (and sighed) so many gorgeous daylily pictures in other bloggers' posts over the past month, I finally got my very first daylily!!!  Yes, it might be a very common one, but the first is always the best (at least for me), and this is the only one I saw for sale! 
daylily 'stella' (Hemerocallis)

Found another plant that I have been looking for in the same store: Cat Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamenis).  The first time I saw this plant was at Miami Fairchild Botanical Garden a month ago.  I adored the shape of this plant then, and the white is always something I sought for.  So no surprise this plant followed me home!

Cat Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamenis)

Garden creatures are very active these days...

Maybe because of the rainy season, everyday I can see so many dragonflies in my garden.  Today I even saw three dragonflies in the same plant! 

This bird was walking by the lake outside of the backyard.  Yes, we call the man-made big pond in the community "lake" here, so the builder can claim that they are selling "lake view" properties :)  What is the name of this bird please? 

I will soon have a three-week out-of-country vacation coming.  There are so many things in the garden that I want to take care of before I leave.  Wish the weather can be a little more cooperative for me to work in the garden a little longer...


  1. Hi, Ami! That is an awesome bromeliad corner! Don't worry about planting them close. I do wish I had planted mine closer, as some spots have filled in and others are still showing bare soil after several years. It'll fill in someday I guess. Congratulations on your first daylily! I think your mystery bird is the tricolored heron (Egretta tricolor). I saw some on the river the other day and posted a photo on my blog. It normally has a yellow bill, but the bill turns blue during breeding season. Pretty bird!

  2. Love your bromeliad corner. You have some really pretty ones. Your lakeview is so nice whether man-made or not. It should be rainy season while you're away so your garden will be very happy even in your absence. You may have some weeding to do upon returning though!

  3. Great idea the Bromeliad corner. I had a cat whiskers that did not return for me. So I am trying to root a piece from my neighbor..I love the hint of purple on it.

  4. Ami, I really like how you've created a specific space for your broms. Mine are scattered, which I like, but I'm really taken by your grouping. Decisions, decisions! :) You have a nice variety, too. Beautifully done!

  5. Your bromeliad corner looks GREAT! I have a friend that plants large beds of different bromeliads close together into a tapestry of plants. It's quite artistic looking and beautiful. She removes the pups when they are large enough, moves them into a new bed, and she says the mother plant continues to live on instead of dying. Nice looking daylily (glad you finally got one) and cat's whiskers. To me there is no such thing as a "plain" daylily...they're all beautiful. Have a nice trip...will miss your posts.

  6. FG: Thanks! I guess I was hoping the bromeliad will multiple themselves quickly! lol. Thanks for identifying the bird for me. I also guess it is some sort of heron, but when I looked some images, did not find the match, maybe the blue bill fooled me.

    NanaK: Yes, I love our "lake view", especially it actually brings lots of wild life in, especially the birds. We will leave for the vacation at the end of this month, and I am afraid the rainy season will be over then. I will have my friend to help me watering the garden, but still want to do as much as I can to prepare before I leave.

    Darla: Thanks for letting me know about the Cat Whiskers! I will pay more attention to it. You also reminded me of rooting. I think it is a good idea in case it does not make it for any reason.

    Kimberly: I also had some of my Bromeliads planted somewhere else. After I visited Miami Fairchild Botanical Garden, I was in love with massive planting of Bromeliad. It really makes statement. Of course,mine will be in much smaller scale, but I hope when it multiplies, it also can show some nice effect :)

    Susan: Thanks! The setting you described about bromeliad really sounds very artistic. I think people can be very creative with their bromeliads, and I really love the massive planting effect of it. OF course, mine is far away from "massive"!

  7. Ami your photos are fabulous especially of the dragon flies. I took some of damselflies last week. I love reading about bromeliads outdoors as they are only a houseplant here and can be quite a challenge to reflower again.

    Great news about you getting a day lily - mine probably are common named ones too but they are so colourful in the garden and for me thats all that matters.

  8. I love the bromeliad corner! I think every garden should have one, even outside of the tropics, since they overwinter so well. Its okay for them to be tight for now, just take some out after they pup so they won't get bromeliad scale from getting too congested. Congrats on your daylily!

  9. Hi Ami,
    Several hours after sunset? I had to smile at that one. I always plant my broms close together and they fill in nicely so not to worry. Your corner is very colorful and pretty. I'm impressed with the dragonflies, too. They are such fascinating creatures and this year it seems there is a greater population of them. I've actually been asking around trying to find some explanation of why. No definitive answers yet. Love your new day lily and cat whiskers. Hope you find someone to take care of a few things in your garden while away. It's always hard to leave it.

  10. I tried cat whiskers once. They are pretty hard to find. Mine flowered very sparsely, and generally did not grow very well. Let us know how these fair for you.

  11. Rosie: Thanks! Damselflies are much more difficult to take picture of since they are much smaller than the dragonflies. Yes, bromeliads here can stay outdoor, although some of mine got a little frostbites in the past winter, but they recovered nicely.

    Yes, I love my daylilies even they are the common ones! :)

  12. RFG: Thanks for the advise of the bromeliad corner. I think it might take a while for them to get congested though :) I do wish they can pup quickly!

    Meems: Yes, several hours after the sunset! Basically I worked in the garden at night :) Dragonflies population in the garden is definitely increased a great amount. I would like to know why also...

    This will be the first time I leave my garden for a long period time since I had a real garden. I will have my friend help me watering.

    Anonymous: This is my first time to grow cat's whiskers too. I guess we will see how it will go ...I just have to experience it.

  13. I had visiting dragonflies this week also. Interesting, aren't they?

  14. Rhonda: Thanks for the comment! Dragonflies are fun to look. I am trying to see how many different kinds of dragonflies I can see in my garden.

    P.S. Don't worry about the extra comments. I have done that too! :) I deleted your duplicate comments.

  15. Hi Ami,

    I always enjoy seeing your bromeliads. Like you, I try to take advantage of the evening hours for gardening. Tomorrow, it is supposed to be unseasonable cool, so I have plans to spend the day in the garden :-)

  16. Hi Ami,

    Your bromeliad corner is beautiful!

    I can't believe they're selling the property as lakeview - but I guess some people don't care whether it's natural or manmade!

    Ami, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It meant a lot to me - I particularly liked your story about the bamboo pen cup that your father made you.


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